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they dont look that great to me, and I just don't know how sturdy they would be.
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola Wow, a lot of hate for boat shoes. What shoes would you wear if you are actually on a boat? What I used to wear for shoes sailing. I was in a springsuit too
Koto (from urban outfitters) had a chambray jacket for awhile.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ga-vroche 2 week ago 1 week ago apc apc s2a jeans marc jacobs BYE watch?
Robbie, that looks sick.
Quote: Originally Posted by spudeey Need a winter boot but don't want to spend more than about $150. Looking at the Katahdin but I heard they will slip on ice. Need something that will keep my feet warm, won't slip on ice, and look decent. Thinking about just getting a pair of the fur lined bean boots but I would like something that I could wear on normal days too. Might go cheap and try these...
Just got my first decent watch. Here tis
Quote: Originally Posted by rapefruit The LL bean Katahdins could probably serve you well. Apparently they are pretty sturdy and can withstand the kind of wear you plan on putting them through. The look is a bit more rugged than the boots you mentioned, but IMO it complements workwear pretty well, if that's your thing. I have them and I wear them around school as well as to forestry team practices. They stand up well.
samurai 0500xx. Angles are a bit weird but whatever.
Biscotti, how big ar you and how did you size the JTG shirt?
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