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Kind of upsetting to see this from LL Bean, though it's nto entirely their fault. Chippewa is the ones making these with split-grain leather, and LL Bean is just failing to catch the bad ones.
Visited the Self Edge in NY today. Guy at the counter was Allen, he was pretty awesome, talked to my girlfriend about the middle wast while I poked around. I tried on a really awesome dry bones shirt that I'm gonna try to convince my gf to get me for christmas or see if I can pick it up at a later date. It was a dark hickory stripe color and a 38 fit pretty perfectly but I don't know if it would shrink or not.
darn, I really want a pair of loggers with steal toes. I wish I could afford / justify Wescos.
IH 634SR LL Bean katahdin Gap wool CPO j crew shawl neck sweater EG spring harrington-ish jacket (wont be wearing this guy for awhile)
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie wtf posted at 5:57 (EST) what the heck were you doing awake at that hour in Omaha? was $59.99 in the store.
With the amount you spend on clothes, you could defenitley afford a nicer splitting maul. This one would probably be pretty good Snow and Nealy used to make really good axes but they've switched to softer steel, but you're going to put a maul into the ground anyways, so that doesn't matter too much. Edit: Also try bringing the maul straight up in front of you and then down (hard to explain) and drop your knees as...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Non-skookum varsitys, just for fun- My Varsity Jacket. Wish it had the Indian head, but then I would get yelled at for not being PC. Jacket was my dad's and he went there back in '68.
LL Bean Katahdin Engineer boots from Chippewa. $150 and will hold up to the winter with a little bit of Sno'Seal. Don't have the chukka look to them though.
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