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Quote: Originally Posted by xanatos Never worn a shirt like that but people are really obsessing about it. Maybe it's a good price for a shirt that normally doesn't come around so often? Exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Let me know when the red chambray arrives. Rest is meh. I want this. I really do.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I primarily spend money on clothing and vinyl/audio equipment. What's your listening setup. Wish I could afford vinyl. I run computer -> emarld usb audio DAC / Headphone amp then just from the output to BX-5as and from the amp to Grado-325i
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie so poor you couldn't afford to buy the 'e' that reminds me back in highschool (my school ran 2 - 12 which helps with the story) we saw in the library kids had to design their own vanity license plates. One said "Getto" and my friend looked at it and said, "so poor he couldn't afford the 'H'"
Don't think Ive posted these before.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asch I really can't remember how much wear my IHs got in total, but I'd estimate somewhere around that length of time and with that number of washes. I found that Iron Heart denim faded at about the same rate (albeit with a diffrent appearance, of course!) as my Flat Heads. Don't know why they have an "impossible to fade" reputation. The Iron Hearts are definitely the most durable denim I've owned, though, in terms of...
Some jeans I was looking at just got snagged, now Im really looking at this. Free bump too. Grundle makes this jacket look so good.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint still feeling out the jacket and trying to feel normal without jeans That is still a sick jacket. Looks awesome.
Sorry, nothing against you, but when I see that for somereason I think of salad fingers
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