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LL Bean Bluchers Convers CT LL bean Hiking boots LL Bean Katahdin Carolina Loggers (just got them, wanted a steal toe for chainsawing) Clark's DB Workout in Asics.
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym This is true. Their new denim also is of lesser quality. damn it. And I doubt their sales will drop significantly either, so they probably won't go back to the old fabric.
J. Crew Red Chambray Decent shorts
1. Buy some clark's db in suede 2. crush the toe box
But what if you dress the way you do because you fucking destroy wood with a tuatahi? ( best racing axes you can get. If I could justify spending that much, I would defenitley have my own.)
Check out EMS's house brand. My ski jacket is on its fourth year from them and is great.
Need a blue wool watch cap. I had one from gap that was ok, but not too warm. Anyone have some warmer suggestions?
burgus this is what I was trying to find earlier
I can't think of it now, but maybe around a year ago I saw a Japanese company that did something pretty close to a 501 repro cut. Selvage, hidden rivets, etc. Probably like $70 at the exchange rate. Then you would have to pay for shipping / proxy from Japan, but still was a good deal. Wish I could remember now.
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