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I spent the last summer hiking and doing trailwork on the AT. I used a pair of LL Bean Cresta Hikers for most of it. Great boots. If you keep them taken care of they wont look like crap either. Maybe you could even throw some fancy red laces on em. But if you're just backpaing around on roads and what not then I really don't know.
Hoope Im not touching a sensitive subject but have you ever considered shaving you're head. You might look kind of bad ass that way. Also shoes look pretty good, and is that the Jcrew madras shirt?
are the SCs one wash or raw?
anyone know how to get rid of some salt damage on leather boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by KnowYourRights Just picked up a pair of there: So far, a comfortable boot. But I beat the hell out of my boots. Riding old, leaky, kick-start Brit bikes can take its toll on footwear. I have a pair of Wesco engineer boots that are built solid. Never treated them. Never took care of them. Could use a new heel, but otherwise, they're still going strong years later. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - the M8 just does it's biz.. fuuuuuuuck thats an awesome camera......
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I use a JVC QL-Y7 turntable which was one of their high-end models from the early '80s. It has a Fidelity Research FR-1 MKIII Moving Coil cartridge and FRT-3 step-up transformer running into a Stax SRA-12S preamp/head-phone amp. Stax Electrostatic headphones require either a specialized energizer or their own headphone amps connected with the speakers. The SRA-12S is connected to a custom vacuum tube power...
My 634sr just went to tailor to fix impending crotch doom
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