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Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Who are you and why are you using Uncontrol's avatar? For real. I was wondering why Uncontrol was talking about having thunder-thighs.
try calling clarks customer service again. I had to get my laces replaced a couple of months ago and they sent me new ones for free.
Price drop $40 + shipping
Dmash is lucky, thats a really nice price for skulls.
Pair of boots, hand made in Mexico. Looks like double thick leather sole. Brown Leather. Heel is pretty thick. Size 10. Very little wear, if any at all as you can see by the sole $45 -> $40 plus $12 shipping. Sole: Welt
check the LL Beansignature thread. I think there are some pics of the blue ones in there.
SO I know I dont have pictures but the hottest workwear ish girl I saw was last spring at a woodsmen competition. She was wearing a camo biki top, stihl suspenders, cut-off carhartts and like 12" loggers. And she was damn hot.
Is this standard lands end tailored fit shirts or Lands End Canvas shirts people keep referring to?
Whoa, JTG has an account? Awesome Also, you could try and find the Clark's Desert boot on point. They were desert boots but narrower tow box, little more of a point to them.
Just so you know, the link for the rogues gallery shirt doesn't seem to want to work.
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