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I did trail work in the rain for a summer Wore mostly pendleton board shirts and if it rained harder put on a Labonville wool zip mackinaw. I had some "waterproof" tech materials, but working in the rain for 10 hours means you will get wet, so I gave up and just tried to stay warm. Wool is the way to go
So epaulet has been really helpful with the boots, and working things out with them. Obviously a company that stands by their products.
I just got the 685 boots but they appear to be different leathers. Does anyone have any info on this?
I wore pendelton board shirts all summer when doing trail work ac ouple of years ago. Rained almost everyday so I gave up on raingear and started wearing lots of wool. edit: Shit, didn't see that was a spammer.
I have one of these. Mad cheap
The safety button coat (I think thats what it is called) is on sale for ~$200 at Rosey Jekes in NH. Size 3 and 4 left.
anyone know how solid the dress boots are?
do these run large or TTS?
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix I hate Red Wing GTs, i find the toe bulbous. Also hate the stitched toe on Alden indies. maybe they won't get so much love now that we don't see so much workwear. Then look at the Alden aviator boots from Orvis.
Filson bridle leather belts are pretty nice too.
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