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About 5% off a perfect fit - very pleased with them.
Bought these shoes recently at home here in the UK from a Oxfam charity (thrift) store. Saw them in the shop window by accident, had to rush in and buy them. Were in pretty bad condition to be honest, but after a bit of work are starting to show their former glory, just need to get them resoled now. Here comes the best bit cost just £15 (about $22).
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic Beer and lemonade is a shandy - a very common and popular drink in the UK. 'Shandy sipper' is a common gentle tease at someone acting in a less than a manly fashion. People (normally ladies nowadays) often order a splash of lime cordial with a pint of lager, or just a splash of lemonade in a pint (lemonade top). Other mixes with beer are a 'mickey mouse' half lager and half bitter (never tried it but some...
Turbo Shandy - 1/2 a Pint of Larger & 1 x bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Add a shot of Vodka for extra kick (exercise with caution). May I recommend the 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.
I question the thought process behind this, I wonder how many times he looked in the mirror and thought "this is an election winning look, keep this up and I will soon be a style icon amongst my peers".
Sorry to bump this thread - guess it shoes I used the search facility Does anyone have any experience of this brand? I know its not exactly high end, but would appreciate any feedback anyone has? Guess as I am looking for a few pairs of day to day hacks cant really go wrong here.... right?
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Bentley, because I like driving myself. +1. Roller was always bought to be driven in, Bentley to drive ones self. I of course would never dream of allowing my chauffeur behind the wheel of my Bentley what what what.
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