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She looks like ET! So bored of her, famous for nothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by paraiso Real v Liverpool is going to be a snoozer. Juande Ramos and Benitez have got to be the two most boring managers in world football. With or without Torres Liverpool will play negative football. Ah I am not so sure, Liverpool in the premier league have been totally different this season, for once we have seen them chasing games down and actually going for the win and pushing forward instead of grinding...
Real Madrid v Liverpool would have bought a lot of attention a few seasons ago. However with the likes of Villarreal and Deportivo hot on the tails of Real in the league I cant see them doing well against Rafa's red men. Man Utd and Inter is a real mouth watering prospect. Mourinho to return to Old Trafford - wow. Sorry Gooners, think you might struggle with Roma... as you have all season. Barca might be the team to watch in the CL this season...
Why would anyone want a mass produced replica of something that is itself mass produced?
It really is a sign of the times when someone resorts to the internet and emails to work out a watch bought by their parents brand new from a retailer has a mechanical/wind up movement.
I thought the whole idea of having a house mate was so you could bang them, thats what my last house mate told me 15mins before I tied her to the bed head and had my wicked way with her anyway.
UK size 10. To be honest I quite like the creasing, I think shoes like this improve with age. Have got plenty of Santoni FAMS in mint condition, its nice to wear a pair of distinctive shoes that are aging - have never been the type to buy nice shoes, keep them in a box, get them out of the wardrobe, polish them, photograph them, put back in wardrobe, post on forum, repeat 3 months later. Have to say though, the design isn't one of the best Berluti have produced... glad I...
Eat some pies put on some weight, the girls will love you for it
Shameless link for recent Berluti shoe bargain.
Thanks guys, as I say really pleased with them, if they didnt fit they would have been put straight on ebay anyways so guess I was in a win win situation. Holdfast, they came from Oxfam in Weybridge, Surrey, not one of the usual Chelsea Kensington Chiswick suspects.
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