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Fantastic difference. Good work.
Quote: Originally Posted by spectre Those Loakes look better than all those precious new EGs and Lobbs to my mind - but then I'm a little odd. I love old things that have been cherished and can still be worn. The older my stuff gets the more I enjoy it. +1 The older high end shoes get the better they look (when cared for) in my opinion.
inamo restaurant just off Oxford Street on Wardour Street is well worth a visit for something modern and unconventional. Their menu/ordering system is like nothing else in the world and impressed a pary I was entertaining from Cali a few weeks back. Check it out below. http://www.inamo-restaurant.com/
Santoni FAM half brogues - fantastic shoe that gets better with age.
Buy natural aromatic red cedar wood shoe trees and they will absorb moisture and leave a clean fresh aroma. DV I keep trees in 90% of my shoes.
As soon as you take them off - to stop this from happening.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Wow. Some pretty bold guys around here. I've quit jobs before, several times in fact. But are people really hiring? At your payscale? This was my concern for the last 10 months, but you cannot continue at a company that is decreasing in size month on month. It holds back your entrepeurial spirit, who the hell wants to work in that situation in any climate? Not me. Now is the time to position...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackrover I just made a purchased today that I'm pretty excited about. Its a RXW PLASMIR MILGRAPH CHRONOGRAPH an Homage to Panerai that isn't a direct rip off. They are a little pricey between 1400-1900 fair market, but they're not being made anymore and are very hard to get a hold of new. RXW Marina watches are sought after and command a premium. When they were first released they were less than a 1000 but now a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dl20 Yes. I called my fiancee up at lunch and said that I think I should quit my job today. She thought it was a good idea so I went into my then bosses office and politely told her to go fuk off, i quit. wasnt a very considered decision at the time, but in retrospect was definately the right one. Did exactly the same on Friday. There may well be a worldwide depression right now, but thats not to say that...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 If you were me you would already have various shades of Meltonian creme polish as well as wax polish, rags, horsehair brush, etc. You would first find correct fitting trees that actually filled the shoe. Then using saddle soap & a 2-sided sponge, gently scrub the shoe, wipe with a damp rag & allow to dry, with correct fitting shoe trees were inserted. Once dry, you would condition as necessary, then apply the creme...
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