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Recently refurbished at Berluti concession, Harrods, London.
OK, so I am bumping an old thread here, recently I took these shoes to the Berluti concession in Harrods, Brompton Rd, London. They have been resoled and had the leather reconditioned and recoloured and here is the result: Very pleased with them, looking forward to many more years of happy ownership.
A birthday gift from my lovely girlfriend.
£595Santoni Laurence.
Thank you for the compliments.I couldn't agree more. They are similar to the Berluti wholecuts shoes I already own (which must be over 10 years old now) - which I was wearing when I bought these shoes.
Recent Santoni purchase from Harrods, London.
I own a fairly old pair of Beluti shoes, while they are not the most stylish of shoes out there, and yes they have creased, I think they are ageing gracefully. I bought mine from charity store (original thread here), and to be honest when I buy shoes new, I do not choose Berluti (predominately Santoni) as there are better out there, but one mans meat is another mans poison.
May not be an IWC or Rolex, but I love my Tag Heuer Auqaracer. Given to me by my boss as a Christmas gift last year. Its a fantastic everyday watch
Oh dear.
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