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What comedians and sketch performers are tickling your fancy? For me it's hard to beat John Dore for laughs. Eugene Mirman and Doug Benson kill it consistently too. and of course I'm a religious follower of Marc Maron's podcast.
One of my all-time favorite pieces of clothing I've owned but it really just doesn't look right on my bigger frame now. Awesome metallic fiber woven in to the cotton outer which gives it a stiff, elegantly-disheveled appearance. Decadent cupro lining. Instead of a button there is a chain and hasp to close the jacket.
I would love to see it be Gareth Pugh.
Another sculpture:
I heard it's going to be Alexander Wang.
Haha i thought it was a zen/hippie thing not a fetish thing but go figure.
Balling out of control in my Uniqlo and AA.
Doing the obnoxious leather-jacket-as-blazer thing for my brother's graduation.
What are we wearing to stay fashionable during global warming?
I like that a lot Dopey. Feels very meditative.
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