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I am a v. famous local celebrity.
Ha - cheap H&M over Rick x2
Having fun at work picture day.
I got to talk with rising singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler - really exciting stuff. Buy working with elements of black metal and experimental/noise I think she's creating some innovative folk:
Starting to snow again in Baltimore. Good thing I only wear one outfit! Playing with my birthday present!
Birthday present! It is so much better then I expected.
Also have the Guido boots in shop. Made of very nice leathers.
I used to word for a company and it's a tough job. Try being more sympathetic.
Yes I have store in Baltimore that take the order custom. Very good. You pay advance and it very nice coat. Have all the fine luxuries. Carol Christian Pool, Rick Owes. Only take few days. You pay in western union or bitcoin. sen email to andross@howardstreetlocksmithandtailor.bizVery good.
Warming up here on the east coast. ~** pretending like I'm a real model **~
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