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I have two pairs of size 30 pants for sale. New with tags, they are perfect for a slim guy. Please PM me if you are interested. Mason's, Dark Green, 34" inseam, 15" across waist, $60 shipped You Must Create, Charcoal, 34" inseam, 15" across waist, $30 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by modual Could you measure the front and back rise exactly as blue in green please : http://blueingreensoho.com/site/inde...d=30&Itemid=41 Yes sir, front rise: 9.75" back rise: 13.5" It feels like a pretty normal rise. Definitely not too low, definitely not too high.
just dropped the price
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Are these tapered, true straight, or boot? Hi there, I would say these are very much a straight leg. Check out some pictures at http://item.rakuten.co.jp/bears/studiodartisan-sd103/
Quote: Originally Posted by tljenkin Probably my favorite jeans ever, the inseam just wasn't long enough. Such an amazing color and fade... BUY THEM! The price is really great for what they are, too. I know, I am so sad these don't fit me. They are an even darker blue than my eternals. Amazing.
Buyer isn't responding, so these are back on the market, with a 5 dollar price drop.
sale pending
mmmmm sold
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