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Quote: Originally Posted by Willsw I'm not sure how high they are, but White's boots have a really feminine heel. Similar to the effect of 2-3 inches. I'm sorry but you can't compare those boots to White's.
Price dropped by $15 to $235.
The black 10D Leeds have been sold. 9.5D Burgundy Leeds are still available. I just dropped the price by $15 so the current price is $85.
Sorry, I put the shell back. I was hoping to repost this thread because I messed up the title. Mods, if you see this, could you please fix it for me to show the correct sizes (9.5D and 10D instead of 9D and 9.5D).
Note: the sizes are actually 9.5D and 10D—I messed up in the title. I am selling two pairs of Allen Edmonds Cordovan Leeds, their classic plain toe blutcher shoe, in size 9.5D (burgundy) and 10D (black). These are both first qualities, not factory seconds. I am selling them because I found out that I need to wear orthotics in my shoes, which means I will need to rebuy them in a larger size. The burgundy size 9.5D pair has been worn for about a month and has noticably...
I am selling a pair of Alden 405 "Indy" boots in size 9D. This pair has been worn only about a dozen times, always alternating with other shoes and always with shoe trees when not worn. I just found out that I need to wear orthotic inserts in my shoes so I need to go up about a size to fit them. SOLD
What do you mean it's a mistake? I'm going to order a pair now.
PSA: EG vs Levi's jeans seem to be under 100 dollars on levi.com: http://us.levi.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2116308
I'm sorry, but if you're not trying to look gay, you picked the wrong pair of boots.
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