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That sounds right for this kind of jacket.
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by 123 who says you guys cant still get them for $75 or thereabouts? no one else may bid, they're not exactly new. You are an asshole.
These are on sale for $80 at Levi's stores. Unfortunately, I don't live near one. I will pay $100 shipped for a pair, if someone bought an extra pair or could get one.
Michael, These shirts look very impressive. I'm hoping to buy a few. Just one question, how much should I expect them to shrink after regular washing for about a year? I know the instructions say cold wash, hang dry, but still, I know clothes can shrink over time depending on how they are processed. What has been your experience? Looking forward to ordering!
I'd buy these if they were 9E. Nice boots and a fair price.
price dropped to 375 shipped
price drop
For sale: Alden 990 Shell Cordovan Shoes in size 9.5D Shoes have been worn to and from work on about 10 separate days and are in excellent condition and always kept in shoe trees. Price: $375 shipped in US
I'd trade a pair of gently worn Flathead 3001 in size 31 if you're interested.
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