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I bought my first pair of Walts (Cramertons) and I absolutely love them. I need more. Any plans for other heavier cotton fabrics or corduroy in the works?
That's weird. I didn't get an email. Did anyone else receive this?
[Mod-last Indys Sold]
Thanks for keeping the Rudy's going! This system sounds like a great compromise.
Any cotton Rudy's in the picture?
Will you be open on Columbus Day (October 10th)? I'm hoping to plan a visit for then.
Price drop: $250 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny Would you mind sharing what is "a little pricey?" They were $75 / pair. In my experience, it's been completely worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by inosaris +1. Anything other than wadded up newspaper? Moulded Shoe will modify a standard pair of Alden shoe trees for you. It is a little pricey, but mine fit perfectly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls Will update soon. I want more names and will be compiling info before contacting Alden. Thanks again for doing this, and please let us know if you need any help.
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