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[Mod-last Indys Sold]
Thanks for keeping the Rudy's going! This system sounds like a great compromise.
Any cotton Rudy's in the picture?
Will you be open on Columbus Day (October 10th)? I'm hoping to plan a visit for then.
Price drop: $250 shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by interlockingny Would you mind sharing what is "a little pricey?" They were $75 / pair. In my experience, it's been completely worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by inosaris +1. Anything other than wadded up newspaper? Moulded Shoe will modify a standard pair of Alden shoe trees for you. It is a little pricey, but mine fit perfectly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roguls Will update soon. I want more names and will be compiling info before contacting Alden. Thanks again for doing this, and please let us know if you need any help.
Just dropped the price by $25 on each item. I'm hoping for a quick sale.
It was in the high 300's maybe three years ago. Plus, HP charges over 20 dollars for shipping, which I'm throwing in for free. Here's Robert De Niro wearing a Tanker Jacket in Taxi Driver:
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