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Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Well, I think we can both agree that the jackets are perfect? Who is selling the R&B jackets right now?
Don't get too hung up on the superfuture thing. The point is, this message board has its own values that are influenced by the people who read it, and those readers are in turn influenced by the message board itself in conjunction with external sources (which in some cases may be superfuture, or one of 1000 other style websites, or magazines, or television, magazines, washing machines, whatever).
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife What is Superfuture? It's another message board that I think shares similar values to this streetwear and denim board, but I could be wrong about how related they are.
I was just thinking about a statement I've read on style message boards and heard in conversations, "I don't wear what's in fashion, I wear what I like." Saying that you wear what you like as though this is an entirely individualized statement ignores the role society plays in what you like. You aren't born liking a pair of jeans, or with much of a disposition towards one type or another. Your taste is based in some way on a lifetime of interactions with your...
Haha, thanks. I tried to email Riri about this but the address on their website doesn't work. I'm going to try to get ahold of some polyester dye and give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes.
Or... if the only thing I don't like about the hoodie is the white taping on the zipper, is this something I can just dye another color? Does anyone know how I might go about that without tearing up the garment? It's a black hoodie, so I'm guessing the dye job doesn't have to be incredibly accurate. Maybe spray a little of that on?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I ended up going with another heavy weight YKK zipper (it was the right color, (tarnished brass on black), and was easier to get. There are retailers on the Riri website, and the list is not comprehensive. You just need to phone around to fabric stores. As for replacing a zipper, it's a pain, but the results are worth it. First, take a stitch ripper and take out the old zipper carefully. Then baste the new...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I don't actually own that particular hoodie (hey, I am on a buying moratorium and am poor), but Steven Alan has them last I checked. Also, there are good pictures on Rakuten Explorer, IIRC. The hoodie was new for S/S 2006. Hmm... I can't find it anywhere on Rakuten. I remember reading on superfuture that you were going to replace the zipper on a the cast hoodie with a riri zipper. I was really curious...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy If I have the correct hoodie in mind, the terrycloth is on the fleece side, and the jersey side is just that. The zips are all white (AFAIK) but the actual teeth are silver colored. Wow, what great luck! If you get a chance, would you mind taking a photo and sending it to me? Also, when did you get this hoodie? PS. I appreciate all your helpful posts on this message board, LA Guy.
Has anyone ever seen the Spruce black french terry zip-up hoodie? Is that the one with the white zipper, or does it have a regular metal zipper?
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