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Has anyone ever seen the Spruce black french terry zip-up hoodie? Is that the one with the white zipper, or does it have a regular metal zipper?
I'd really like to see a picture of one of the EG belts. I'm interested in buying one.
Oh boy, I really love the fit of the RB6, especially in the thigh. Can anyone recommend another similar jean for future reference? (I'll be wearing these for a while)
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Steven Alan had a Black Spruce hoodie, but I guess that they sold out... bummer. You might want to check Nom de Guerre or Odin. Odin carries Rag & Bne as well, AFAIK. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, Nom de Guerre and Odin don't have what I'm looking for. Any other suggestions? GWAAAHH!!
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe Are there any good online sources for Three Dots? The local shop that carried them went out of business. I'm wondering the same thing. I can't find them anywhere online (for men)!
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Actually, I would argue that Three Dots makes better tees than either company, they are as soft as the AA, but with much better stitching. The cut is fitted but slightly more generous. But they are also at least twice as expensive. Hey LA Guy, where can I find Three Dots t-shirts? I'm very interested but I can't find them online.
What's 46West? Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 If you want a terrific t-shirt, experience one from 46West.
Does anyone have any experience with their t-shirts, particularly how they fit and how long they are? I'm thinking about buying some blanks.
Does anyone know where I could get my hands on one of those Rag and Bone hoodies? Or a Spruce for that matter? Or any well-fitting, well-constructed, dark colored sweatshirt? Steven Alan only had Spruce in yellow and light blue, which was kind of a bummer.
I don't want to make a new thread, but does anyone know where I can pick up a Spruce sweatshirt in the United States? I'd really appreciate any kind of direction.
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