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I'm selling a pair of BNWT size 33 Cramerton Walts for $165. Send me a PM if you're interested. Turns out I'm better suited for the Rudy and I'm trying to get funds for a special order. This is a great chance to save yourself 20 bucks.
Mike, those look like great shoes. Personally, I'm not into the split toes, but I'd love a pair of brown chromexcel plain toes.
Those shoes are exactly what I'm after as well.
Trousers sold.
I'm going to revitalize this thread really quick, five years later. It's getting hot out. I've been avoiding t-shirts for this reason, but maybe someone has a good brand to recommend right now. Either a size medium that's a little short in length or a size small that runs a little big but isn't a full-cut mess.
I received my navy and gunmetal cotton Walts in the mail today. Mike: you couldn't have gotten these more perfect. For the people reading: if you love your Cramertons, this is exactly what you want in a pair of pants. Substantial weight, rock solid construction, classic in every sense. I'm in awe.
The thing is, Epaulet makes all of this clothing business look so easy that I wouldn't be surprised.
Used chinos and boots all sold. Thanks, gents. Epaulet rocks!
You should award a free pair of Walts to anyone who passes the Ja Rule Challenge you posted on Twitter a while back. I just tried and failed within seconds.
Mike, Can we order a pair of Walts in a Chino material in the same way that we can order pair of Rudys from a Walt material? Or is that a different situation?
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