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Here are a few, and I'll take pics of the others tomorrow.
Not yet... they should be shipping from Italy next week and so hopefully in the US in maybe 2 weeks. Will first be processing the in the UK - any of you guys interested in the Benjamin Bella Spalla and would prefer to order from our UK office? We have been having problems setting up our new UK site - originally it was meant to all branch from eHaberdasher.com but now it does appear it will need to be a separate website (ehaberdasher.co.uk) as it was before....
Shouldn't be a problem. I see you already emailed service@ehaberdasher.com to confirm. Thanks!
Two totally different models/silhouettes also. The first one has a beautiful spalla camicia, whereas the second has a more structured shoulder - perhaps better suited for the fabric since it's a fine wool vs. a flannel.
And you guys also realize Lardini jackets are as low as $236 and suits as low as $340! Made in Italy, half canvassed, fabrics from premium Italian and British mills!
Sorry I think I got it backwards - Caruso being the manufacturer of the MaCo label (which used to be the name of the company before changing the name to Raffaele Caruso).
I don't know if any of you noticed, but we have MaCo fully canvassed suits for less than Benjamin suits. Guys these are the maker of Caruso, RLBL, Lanvin, Dior, Smalto, etc and now on our site for as little as $427. This is a ridiculous bargain! http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/designers/caruso.html#!/dir=asc&home=0&limit=all&no_cache=true&order=price
These are going to be half canvassed, unlined (sleeves only), featuring fabrics from Pal Zileri's collections including Carlo Barbera and other Biellese mills and a few UK as well. Two different shades of blue hopsack including one a few shades lighter than navy. We will also separately offer polished horn button sets if you want to upgrade/change them out. We will have a handful of 39/40L
Benjamin Bella Spalla (made in Napoli with a soft shoulder) are coming in a few weeks and include spring/summer weights and finally a two different navy hopsacks.
The Benjamin Sartorial line never goes on sale. They are intended to maximize value and quality at the best price point possible, and so you really won't see further discounts on them unless it's a discontinued fabric or style. We have done a promotion in the past where you can select a free Benjamin tie with any Benjamin Sartorial suit purchase. It is not a current promotion, but please email service@ehaberdasher.com for details if interested.
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