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Okay so I have a question for you guys... I just received some swatches for spring/summer but at this point delivery would not be until end of July. Too late for you guys? Here are some I'm considering. All are spring/summer except the dark navy Marlane Ormezzano 100 linen 380 gr Ormezzano 100 linen 380 gr Zegna 46 linen 41 wool 13 silk 240 gr Zegna 49 linen 32 wool 19 silk 230 gr Zegna 49 linen 32 wool 19 silk 230 gr Tallia Delfino 100 wool 260 gr Marlane...
May start to hit tomorrow if not then Monday for sure.
The MTO option closed back in January for these jackets pictured above. We will post here and also send out an email to all on our email list to alert you to new MTO opportunities.
Oh man I was counting on the bonus season for you guys and/or a tax refund!
A few more:
Yes, we did make some extras for moost of the fabrics and will have them on the site soon - possibly even today. We will be doing new preorders soon - waiting for fabric swatches to arrive today actually and will probably poll you guys to see which ones appeal to most.
The MTO Bella Spalla jackets have arrived! We made some extras for those of you who missed out but they will be at a slight premium for those who did not do the MTO.
Thanks - I checked with Colleen and she verified that they do measure 31" - 31.5" in reality. Of course there is nearly 2" to let out the waist, but the measurements as they are appear to be accurate.
Please provide the link and we'll look into it and get back to you.
I don't have the suit in front of me as I'm in London, but from what I remember the fabric is actually quite tight and not as delicate as you might think. I think it'd be fine for your purposes, but you will ultimately have to be the judge. I would recommend ordering the suit and seeing for yourself.
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