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Sorry - no combined discount codes, and once again these new Benjamin Bella Spalla jackets will not be on sale when they arrive on the site next week (10% code expires this Sunday).
Hoping by early to mid next week.
By the way the blue-grey windowpane is Carlo Barbera.
$325. 10% will expire this weekend, and was intended to move current stock and will not be applicable to the new stock.The last windowpane is a dark heather blue-grey with a beige windowpane. It's very handsome.
Sorry I missed answering this sooner... the new model "Nobile" has a slightly softer shoulder and very minor adjustments (sleeves rotated 2 mm back).
OK I'm always getting mixed signals, but will consider going back to 9cm for the next little batch of jackets.By the way they yanked the charcoal houdstooth from me - not sure what happened but the fabric ended up being no longer available to me... otherwise I'm quite pleased with the jackets overall. Too bad they're almost all for the fall/winter, but hey that's just around the corner!
Slightly softer shoulder, rotated the sleeves 2 mm back (for those few who had slight issues with sleeve pitch). Originally I asked for 9 cm lapels and then last minute switched back to 8, but to be honest I'm not sure which actually got made so we'll see. Getting a small air shipment in the next week - oh and it will include one new fabric from Reda. I think it's a navy glen plaid but I can't even remember right now...
Yes - will have this in the 41L/42L.
Don't worry - your loyalty will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded!
New Posts  All Forums: