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Ha! Do you or have you had a teenage daughter? There is almost NOTHING to make her think her dad is cool, and sadly a fully canvassed sport jacket, wool/cashmere trousers and a pair of suede belgian loafers isn't her idea of "stylish"! Well, at least she along with her other siblings can all feel and appreciate the difference between cashmere non-cashmere!
Sorry, with these when they're gone they're gone, but I'm working on getting a HUGE selection of jackets in this year, or at least that's the plan/goal!
Sorry I've been MIA for a while - traveling back and forth between US and London and Italy with no end in sight trying to juggle everything... plus I'm a family man if you didn't already know (including a teenage daughter in the house - parenting doesn't get any easier does it!) Anyway I can always be emailed directly (my preferred mode of correspondence) at ben@ehaberdasher.com.
Thanks for pointing this out. You are absolutely correct - it is an olive and light brown weave... will have this corrected shortly!
We'll let you know... it would have a new model name.
Thanks for weighing in and I do tend to agree. We hope to test the market soon and if all goes well give Suitsupply a run for their money!
Still tweaking the model... what fabrics would you be looking for? We are planning to offer basics but also a few fancies... but still at least a few months out.
dls would be great to see some fit pics of some of the jackets you picked up from us!
Well I am making some minor adjustments again... will let you know. The provided buttons are corozo nut by the way... looking forward to the pics!
We only did a limited run and I believe I do have one left here in London which I can bring back with me to the US when I come again in a few weeks (just got back to London from the US yesterday). Have you already tried the Classico II and wanted to try the Napoli? Feel free to PM or email ben@ehaberdasher.com if you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: