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So we just added a selection of Castangia/Battistoni suits and jackets to our UK site just to let you guys know... these are sweet pieces - if you like Brioni you will like these, and they are priced significantly less than Brioni. http://www.ehaberdasher.co.uk/servlet/Categories?$catalog.Oem=Castangia&$catalog.OemId=2808634
Some think our shoulders are too wide, others think they're too narrow... life would be a lot easier if everyone was 5'10" 165 lbs and a 40R! Will keep a lookout next time I'm in Biella for cottons.
Doing a test run - hope to have a FEW in the next 4-6 weeks.
Nice - you just made my day! Just for that I'll keep a special eye out for cotton fabrics - anything in particular in mind?
Good question. I'm using a different factory since we can't come to an agreement with Saitt, and while my order for 900 shirts is in they have pushed me back because this factory just contracted with Zegna, so being that Zegna is presumably slightly more important to them they have me on the backburner, but I'm hoping they will get to my measly order by April.
Yes the Classico/Classico II trousers are looser in the seat than the Lucente trousers - you will feel the difference for sure. Just add a tie to the trousers and you've got free US shipping! I will not be doing any cotton suits this spring... sorry...
I can't promise anything at this time, but I am HOPING in May.
Yes - we will have some this coming autumn!
Yes, then you might as well wait...
Yes, the trousers of the current Scala tux are slimmer than current Benjamin suits, although probably about the same as the Granoro/Lucente model suit trousers. There is of course fabric to let out if need be.
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