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Well we just found there was a mix-up in my order and we're getting not just the navy suits and tuxedos in the new models, but also the charcoal and medium grey. We don't have room for all of these suits so we're going to run a very rare 10% off all Benjamin brand including the Sartorial line suits which as you know *never* go on sale! Once we generate the discount code I'll post... but can be applied to shirts, sport jackets, suits, even the new sweaters we got in...
No, it's a different fabric. The one previously made for the Purple Luxury Collection (full canvas) was 100% cashmere. This one is wool/cashmere (95/5 if I recall correctly) and of course will be half canvassed.
They're actually not that heavy. We have one that's a lot heavier - I'm curious to see how it comes out (I think it's 500 grams)!
It's actually surprisingly light. I wore the same in blue yesterday here in London when it was about 64 degrees.
Yes indeed those are fractionally wider (1cm). Shoulders are lightly structured - slightly lighter than the Classico II. More importantly those few of you who had slight issues with collar gap and/or sleeve pitch and/or shoulder dimples should see an improvement in these areas.
The dark heathered blue windowpane is 350 gr and the charcoal houndstooth is 320 gr.
Same as current Classico II width, which is 8 cm (a little over 3") so really a classic width - not wide or narrow.
The darker navy is 95% wool 5% cashmere and the other is 97% wool 3% cashmere (from Bower Roebuck - England). Both are 300 grams.
Only the two navy hopsack fabrics are light weight. I'd say the wool/cotton/silk Barbera can also be worn in the spring warmer weather as it is an open weave and is 310 grams. Unfortunately two of my other lighter weight selections got canceled because the fabrics were unavailable/sold. But if these prove to do well we will be producing more of these quite regularly as they'll have an 8-10 week turnaround time.As always I not only welcome but rely on your feedback, both...
These new Bella Spalla are going to be $325. Only the sleeves will be lined and the make and model is improved from the previous test run of the black Bella Spalla jackets (yes, these will be longer) but we've also narrowed the lapels by popular demand (even though I personally liked the wider lapels).
New Posts  All Forums: