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Yes, still plan to do so - just so many different things going on I haven't had a chance to devote to doing that, but definitely will be offering beyond the solids basics we have.
For the 2 jackets that you linked to above you can definitely wear through April at least, in my opinion. I suppose I should change the descriptions to Fall/Winter/Spring...
Oh... yeah those are sold out for the time being. I MIGHT be able to get a few more in the next few weeks... will let you know!
For the solids you can ask if we have availability and usually we can accommodate and make the swap.
You're looking for suits other than the charcoal/navy/medium grey presumably? After I get this new test order, and assuming all is good I will try to rush a production of new fabrics, so we're still looking at MAYBE June/July, but I really can't promise, unfortunately.
I suppose I could do that!
While we can certainly swap out the trousers for you there is also about 1.25" to let out the waist in the size 28 trousers... up to you... just email service@ehaberdasher.com prior to ordering to make sure we have availability to switch (as of this moment we do) in size 30.
I'll first do a test order. Not sure if I will put them for sale depending on how they come out this time around, but will keep you guys posted.
Thanks very much!Anyone else?
Asking on behalf of a customer. He may be willing to drive a "reasonable" distance. He's 2.5 hours away from Atlanta and the same from Charlotte, NC. He's looking to have some Brioni garments tailored and doesn't want a hack job or just someone using clear nylon thread and does hems and sleeves only. Thanks in advance!
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