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They actually said most people are asking for even shorter jackets. I was in Rubinacci today here in London and the jackets are REALLY short, and drop 6! The jackets were probably at least 3 cm shorter than my Bella Spallas.
50 is actually a 39/40R. I was going back and forth with the factory about making the jacket longer, but when we did one that was 2 cm longer it just wasn't quite right, so we ended up with these final measurements. The 50 was highlighted because that's the sample size that was made.
I can appreciate your concerns regarding consistency of fit, but please also understand there are differences between different silhouettes and models (let alone factories). A softer more Neapolitan shoulder is by nature going to be slightly fuller, and while we've lessened the disparity between the Benjamin Sartorial and the Bella Spalla with this new factory, the Bella Spalla will still be just slightly fuller than the Sartorial line. In theory you should now be...
Not quite as full as the past Bella Spalla runs. This is a different model, different factory, softer shoulder and just slightly longer in the body.
Yes, for MTM you will be able to adjust and customise measurements.
You will be able to order 34R in the next MTO, but otherwise may not have more any time soon.
For suits: Half canvassed probably starting at $650 and full canvas around $795. There will be a standard block as a basis. We will also be offering this in our shop in London hopefully by early December.
Yes. Side tabs, side button tabs, pleats, fob pockets, style of front and back pockets, cargo leg pockets, you name it!
Yes I'll remind the factory to include those.
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