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The black hopsack is actually from our first run and the proportions didn't quite work out exactly as we planned. The jacket is on the shorter side. Here's another instagram pic:https://www.instagram.com/p/4RuIzDvgFh/?taken-by=e_haberdasherI'm 5'10" and wearing a 37/38R in the pic for reference. The black hopsack is a much lighter weight. Probably about 270 grams whereas the navy is 300 grams. The navy is more correctly proportioned in the length, but for those who...
No 34's in this order coming in, sorry.
I believe we may have responded to you via email already. If not please let us know and we will happily reply.
Yes: Zegna indigo linen/wool/silk and Tallia Delfino navy hopsack
Already sent it back to Italy to the other factory... really pleased with it though.
Grey fresco is a no-brainer with the Zegna indigo imo.No pre-orders, but there should be at least 7 or 8 pair in each size of the trousers - so you'll want to act somewhat quickly but ought to be fine.Sample is for the future in which we are looking at both half canvas and FULL canvas (2 different factories). The one in the pic is half canvas but we've already sent it off to the full canvas factory as a model.
FYI got a new sample model for Bella Spalla which has a completely natural shoulder and posted a quick pic on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BG7OVbLPgIe/?taken-by=e_haberdasher
Very very few - none of the brown hopsack though.
It is on our screens for the most part, but screens vary so much from ipad, to mobile phone, to laptop... so we just do the best we can.
Just got word that trousers are done and jackets going into production this week - AHEAD OF SCHEDULE (a miracle from Napoli... money talks)! Hope to have jackets and trousers ready and in the US by mid July - possibly even sooner.
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