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I tend to agree. I think a 39/40R may be best for you and have it altered from there. How does it feel in the armhole? Is it a little bit tight? The jacket will start to give slightly over time as the canvas conforms more to the shape of your body, and the armholes will also loosen up a little bit as well. The blades would need to be taken in a little bit to clean up the back, but I think you need the length of a Regular.
Yes they will all be available to ship at the same time - by the end of July was promised but we are aiming for the end of next week. Hoping to hear confirmation that all the jackets are completed any day now.
They will hopefully ship next week along with the Bella Spalla jackets - you guys will be the first to know!
And it's not all THAT impractical:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-eb61BLIWw
The Bible verse referenced is a blessing written by Paul in a letter to the church in Rome. For me it serves as a personal reminder as well as a demonstration of faith in honoring God in all we do at eHaberdasher by operating the company with integrity and in a manner consistent with Biblical principles and Jesus' teachings.
Kind of like Brunello Cucinelli - beautiful fabrics but half canvassed... such a waste and still so astronomically expensive.
While I was out I figured I'd take a pic of the Bella Spalla jacket from the most recent cutting. FYI I'm usually a 38R in Benjamin Sartorial Nobile and Classico, but in this pic I'm wearing a 36R in the Bella Spalla. It is a touch too tight in the shoulders, but I don't have a 38R here to model for pics - you can see my upper right arm slightly busting out (thanks to lots of ultimate frisbee). Benjamin Bella Spalla Cashmere/Silk (Piacenza)
Not the best pics so apologies... need to send my wife to some photography classes!I'm far from a perfect model with a 32" waist with big hips that usually require size 33 so bear that in mind. I'm modeling size 32 Bella Spalla and the hems are unfinished so just folded them up I side at the cuff so them hems don't look great.
These prices really are incredible now. Many are great jackets to throw on with jeans or cords... especially the prewashed or garment washed/dyed ones.
They are half canvassed, although I believe they do have a full canvas production as well as I believe they are currently making some of Boggi's full canvas production.
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