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Haven't decided yet... there were plenty of customers who found the Napoli a little too big in the chest and shoulders...but we'll see...
Yes i do plan to do more full canvas - appears to be demand for both. I'm personally not a fan of tweed so probably not, and with tweed it's so thick and stiff it barely makes a difference if it's fully canvassed IMO.
Hey just wanted to wish all you guys a Merry Christmas!
Not sure if there's 100% overlap between this thread and our eHaberdasher affiliate thread, but just in case we did launch a new offering of half canvassed sport jackets for $295: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/New-Arrivals--Benjamin-Sport-Coats-with-fabrics-from-Loro-Piana--VBC-and-more-.html?soid=1101417638975&aid=zQbbObu7-O0 Suits are in the works as well!
36S was intended, but not executed unfortunately. I hear and acknowledge your vote for patch pockets.
Bella Spalla is a closer fit for sure, but I'm heading back to Napoli next month to work on the model a bit more. One person already bought one and gave feedback. At first he said not to change a thing, but then came back a few minutes later and said it can afford to be a smidge longer in the body. I'll probably do at least that - maybe add 1 - 1.5 cm. Maybe even up to 2 cm. But waiting to see how others react. He loved the lapels at 9.5 cm. The Benjamin blue label...
Do note this is only for US ORDERS. For international orders it is "SFHALF" and shipping is half price (International Shipping is expennnnnnnsive!)
Yes there is free US shipping as ThisFits has already indicated. If you already placed your order then Email service@ehaberdasher.com and we'll adjust/refund.
I have this jacket. It's definitely blue - no mistaking it. I wear mine with solid navy or medium grey chinos (Marco Pescarolo/PT01), dark blue or grey jeans (Borrelli), or grey flannels (navy would go too, but I don't own a pair). Basically you can wear it with navy and greys. Again - awesome fabric (although for some reason the fabric says 100% wool on the blue one, which is incorrect.as it is indeed 2% cashmere).
Thanks, and sorry we currently don't have any here in the UK for you. Hoping for better days ahead and great things to come in 2015!BTW, I do travel back and forth between London and US, so if there is anything in particular you were interested in please feel free to PM or email me ben@ehaberdasher.com and I may be able to personally courier some things back to the UK for you if the timing works out. Otherwise we do periodically transfer some inventory back and forth so...
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