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Sorry I know I owe you these pics... have been so busy getting the shop in London ready and a million things to do... will try to post fabric pics soon!
Sorry I don't really have anything to show as I returned the samples back to the factory. A while back I posted an instagram photo of me wearing the jacket but it was a pretty poor selfie... need me to dig it up and repost again?
If at least 7 of you guys will go for a short or 5-7 of you guys will go for a long please reply to this post, pm or email me ( within the next 24 hours and I can make the navy available for pre-order short or long. Same goes with any other particular fabric (must be at least 5-7 of any one fabric in short or long).
I'll post pics of fabric for you guys over the weekend. Pricing still TBD. Single breathed notch lapel with a soft shoulder - made in Napoli.
Yes, the fabric should be 95% close. It's the same fabric and mill but a different run so may be slightly different in shade but should be within 5%.
MTO now online!
yes will offer OTR as well as MTO.
Sorry I will try to do that tonight.
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