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These prices really are incredible now. Many are great jackets to throw on with jeans or cords... especially the prewashed or garment washed/dyed ones.
They are half canvassed, although I believe they do have a full canvas production as well as I believe they are currently making some of Boggi's full canvas production.
By the way, for those not aware and not on our mailing list, we marked down lots of stuff even further: BENJAMIN SARTORIAL navy plaid suit: Now $395 super 110's Reda - Fully Canvassed in Nobile model LARDINI jackets 50% off our prices - starting at $147.50! SUTOR MANTELLASSI 15-30% off our prices - starting $165 CARUSO/MACO 40% off our prices - suits starting at $237 - fully canvassed made in Italy! PAL ZILERI (main line and sartoriale) 40% off our prices - suits...
I've got a pair here in London... I'm a little heavier than normal so they may not be a perfect fit, but will try to take a pic tomorrow and post.
Sounds too tight all around... maybe go up a size? Please do send pics if/when you get a chance.
Yes @JMSuter please let us know if you don't find the buttons in the inside breast pocket - they ought to be there, and for what it's worth the buttons are genuine corozo - not cheap plastic buttons. However as @yanagi kindly pointed out we do have polished dark brown horn sets as well which are are linked to in his message.
That's okay. I'd be a fool to think forum members are unaware of other affiliate vendors like Kent Wang, who appears to offer a great product as well, albeit a bit higher priced.... I also do tend to think that deconstructed probably has it's place, but it does tend to look more on the sloppy side imo and I'm not a huge fan of deconstructed tbh. It's not high on my priority list at this time, but I will look into it.
Yes have been working on this also but this has taken a backseat to the jackets and suits for the time being. Stay tuned!
I'll ask the new factory, but I seldom (maybe 3 requests - you guys included) have gotten this request.
Sorry... to be honest I thought the fabric was pretty ugly and I personally would never choose it or even offer it as an option. If you must know details, the fabric is from Solbiati and is cotton/poliamide/wool/linen blend. I told them to just use any fabric for the sample and I assume they just grabbed whatever they had lying around.
New Posts  All Forums: