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If at least 7 of you guys will go for a short or 5-7 of you guys will go for a long please reply to this post, pm or email me (ben@ehaberdasher.com) within the next 24 hours and I can make the navy available for pre-order short or long. Same goes with any other particular fabric (must be at least 5-7 of any one fabric in short or long).
I'll post pics of fabric for you guys over the weekend. Pricing still TBD. Single breathed notch lapel with a soft shoulder - made in Napoli.
Yes, the fabric should be 95% close. It's the same fabric and mill but a different run so may be slightly different in shade but should be within 5%.
MTO now online!
yes will offer OTR as well as MTO.
Sorry I will try to do that tonight.
They actually said most people are asking for even shorter jackets. I was in Rubinacci today here in London and the jackets are REALLY short, and drop 6! The jackets were probably at least 3 cm shorter than my Bella Spallas.
50 is actually a 39/40R. I was going back and forth with the factory about making the jacket longer, but when we did one that was 2 cm longer it just wasn't quite right, so we ended up with these final measurements. The 50 was highlighted because that's the sample size that was made.
I can appreciate your concerns regarding consistency of fit, but please also understand there are differences between different silhouettes and models (let alone factories). A softer more Neapolitan shoulder is by nature going to be slightly fuller, and while we've lessened the disparity between the Benjamin Sartorial and the Bella Spalla with this new factory, the Bella Spalla will still be just slightly fuller than the Sartorial line. In theory you should now be...
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