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Will get back to you on this but it runs smaller and shorter than the other Bella Spalla jackets.
Maybe... stay tuned
Fabrics for mtm suits? Will take a little while to get them online. There are going to be bookloads
Thanks very much. Our doors are now open in London! Hope you guys will all come and visit so I get the chance to meet some of you in person!The Wardrobe Wimbledon18 RidgwayLondon, SW19 4QN020 8605 9000
Okay - stay tuned early next year for MTM
When you say you have a 44" chest you're talking about the jacket measurement or your actual chest measurement?MTM is launching here in London first - we'll have the stock sizes next week off of which we will be doing the MTM. We probably won't launch the MTM from the US site until early next year.We'll be sure to keep you guys posted - when exactly is the wedding?
Please do! We're still not open yet - hopefully by Tuesday!
Attention guys in London: We are opening up in Wimbledon Village and are planning a little party to celebrate our open on 16 November from 8-10pm. This is an rsvp event so if you would like to come please email me or pm me for additional details. Hope to meet some of you guys!
Prices will be probably $425 - $450. Here are the fabrics - all from Biella, plus one more in a viduna coloured pure cashmere from Loro Piana which will probably be $595.
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