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Looks fantastic! Hey what do the lapels measure across? 9cm?
Thanks! Will keep you guys posted!
Nice! Are you not on our email list?! Granted our email sign-up was taken down because it wasn't functioning properly, and I've neglected to have it put back on the site, but if you want to PM me your email address I can add it into the system.
It's possible it would fit you quite well - they do seem to be cut full.
Sorry... Hopefull I'll have them ready for next spring/summer....
You mean you're one of the 10% of Styleforum that doesn't wear a Small or Medium?!The Drumohr stuff we just put up yesterday is SAWEET. I'm wearing a button shirt today - so comfortable and the fit is spot on. They run a little small - I usually wear 15.5 but the 15.5 Drumohr slim fit was too tight - the 15.75 is perfect for me though!
Yeah personally I love the fit and quality as well - admittedly the 10cm lapels are just SLIGHTLY bigger than I prefer, but the 38R fits me to a T without any alterations at all. We're still sitting on a bunch of them - will probably have to mark down even further. I'll be on the hunt again next week as I'm headed back to Napoli... wish me luck!
Yes this is the same navy on the site. When is your window in the US? We are having more shipped next week. But if you think the short could work for you by all means you are welcome to give it a go. Sleeves are unfinished and can indeed be shortened or lengthened as needed.
I don't think we will offer more Riviera jackets in the future as they did not do well. That being said we are looking for other similarly cut Neapolitan brands with a similar cut in to offer in the same price range.
Looks fantastic - great pics and thanks for sharing!
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