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To be honest I've been focusing on some other things and generating cash flow so no new news as of yet - I'm hoping before the end of the year though. We'll have Bella Spalla by November though I think. We may experiment with made to order (no customisation of any sort - our stock size Bella Spalla) so I'll keep you guys posted.
With square shoulders you will almost always deal with the issue of lowering the collar, and pretty much all the brands we offer have several different models, so our advice would be to go with the fabric and style you like best and just expect to have to have the tailor lower the collar (which is generally a basic and simple alteration). The good news is that tailors don't (at least shouldn't) charge more if the roll is great rather than small.
Thanks for the feedback - though as I expected it's good to hear the premade faux buttonholes were removed without any issue or scarring. Sorry the exchange rate to CAD from USD is so bad - it certainly doesn't help me at all unless I stock up on maple syrup!
Awesome - glad to hear you're pleased. Thanks for the feedback Riva!
What color and size do you need? We are very limited in our current stock but please let me know...
FYI to those not on our email list we've extended the 10% sale for another week since a few people emailed us saying they were away on vacation and missed the initial deadline for the sale. Use code "AUG10" at checkout before midnight EST this Sunday August 23rd!
You were quick - I was going to message you but you must have caught it within the hour it was relisted on the site!
Take an additional 10% off SITE WIDE with code 'AUG10' at checkout! Guys we are talking about ridiculous bargains in every category. This expires August 16th 2015. Highlights include: Fully Canvassed Suits from: Pal Zileri first line suits starting at $252 Caruso/Maco suits starting at $342 Stile Latino suits starting at $505 Brioni suits starting at $1048 Benjamin Sartorial suits (rarely discounted) Sartorial Home throw pillows - these are AWESOME! Lardini...
OK copy!
Thanks Earl - that's what we're here for and we look forward to the pics!
New Posts  All Forums: