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Sorry guys I haven't been online in several days as I celebrated another year creeping towards 50. Will be addressing the posts shortly...
Now on the site!Yes you may!Sorry for the confusion - the midnight hopsack will hopefully be in production next month - for some reason they did not go in with this batch contrary to what I thought we had communicated to the factory.You can shop for them now by clicking here!Indeed - just went live - sorry for the delay!
You should hopefully have received an email from us earlier this morning... if not please let us know!
The Bella Spalla MTO orders from this spring are in and all customers have been emailed.The new MTO for the fall have not yet been finalized yet.
Yes, we are expecting to receive more solid navy within the next few weeks.
Just arrived today! We're sorting through everything so hope to have them available on the site by Monday.
We measure the thigh at the leg where the crotch meets the leg. It measures 25".
Most of the solids sell best, but also the small tattersall checks and ginhams, as well as the few stripes we have left, but honestly we sell almost all of them evenly across the board except for some of the larger and bolder plaids.
Yes there is about 2" to let out in the waist.
Unfortunately not at this time... maybe for spring 2017 but this is not an active project right now...
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