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One more pic to help us all feel warm and fuzzy... This one from LuxDeco who stocks some of our cushions.
A bit, but that's for me to worry about and not my customers.
Thanks for the kind words. Hope to host more of you guys here in London!I honestly can't tell for sure if SM are full grain or not. I would imagine that they are based on their reputation and also regular retail price point. Most are Goodyear welted but otherwise some are blake. Regardless they're all great shoes for the price!
Cushions come with 100% duck filled inserts made of cotton cambric and are also made in England.
You guys cannot deny how incredibly handsome these cushions/throw pillows are. They're all hand tailor made here in London (now actually Edinburgh) and are menswear inspired featuring fabrics from VBC, Zegna, Loro Piano, Tallia Delfino, etc. Intended to mimic a menswear outfit with suit or jacket/trouser combo body, piping of Italian silk, wool or velvet for tie, lining like shirting, and leather tab for shoes. These are a labour of love because I wanted nice cushions...
Cool - then let's make it 3 Benjamin ties - one to go with each shirt!
Nice bidding guys. I'll throw in 2 Benjamin ties also to the winning bidder! @fok am I allowed to do that? Benjamin ties made in Como Italy by same factory as your typical highly revered $125-$175 Italian brands.
Yes please do come and visit. We've already had the pleasure of meeting a few of you guys.Yes MTM done in person here, and we may do overcoats although the coats we are getting in are going to be Bella Spalla made in Napoli - not the same as the MTM company we will be using. I'll have to evaluate the coats first and then we'll go from there.
So sorry for not getting back to you sooner - which size were you looking at? Feel free to PM me if you prefer or email
Nope. Any sizes and styles you want (that are available).I'd like to also point out we have these made by one of the factories that make for Ermenegildo Zegna black label and most of the fabric used are from Canclini. They are a moderate fit with twin darts but not slim fit (and certainly not a full fit).
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