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I'll get back to you on that when I get into the office tomorrow.
Sorry but can you provide more information? Do you still have the M&S jacket and can you see what size it is exactly? Maybe provide a few pics of you wearing it as well to see the fit/cut?
Thanks for pointing this out - I think they may be screwed up somehow - I'll look into this and get back to you and have it corrected on the site asap. But the new Giacomo/Tremiti (actually pretty much the same model) is slightly fuller than the older shirts that are $50 (made by SAITT).
These are cut REALLY small. I wear a 38R and the Medium (tagged L) fits me. If you're a 42R jacket then you need at least the XL (tagged XXL) if not the XXL (tagged XXXL) if we have any of those left! Here's a pic of me from instagramhttps://instagram.com/p/6tBOP5vgEb/?taken-by=e_haberdasher
If anyone else cares to chime in with additional fit insights please do!
You probably are better off with a Short. For what it's worth we do have some Benjamin Sartorial suits in solid navy, charcoal and medium grey in 34S (and 34R also). http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=benjamin+suit+34s
FYI I should add thatif you're looking at the jackets the Benjamin Bella Spalla and the Benjamin Sartorial Luxury Collection jackets are a fuller fit.
Thanks for your message. The Benjamin blue label and Sartorial line is definitely slimmer fit in general, featuring high armholes and an Italian cut/silhouette (meant to fit closer to the body). Unfortunately we do not have any knowledge/exprience with Hugo Boss or RLBL's Austin model, but based on the info you provided I'd tend to recommend going with the 36 - certainly do not go a size smaller. The new Nobile model is a soft shouldered slim fit and really hugs the...
Sorry, no can do on the plaid - only the solids.
Tailored vests in solid navy, charcoal and medium grey to match the Sartorial suits for a 3 piece option.
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