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May have to wait until Monday...
Only in situations where we have extra trousers in the solid charcoal, navy or medium grey - you will have to email service@ehaberdasher.com to see if we can accommodate you.
Yes for the 9cm lapels I was referring to the Benjamin Sartorial suits that just started to arrive. We got a rushed air shipment and the rest is coming in about 3 weeks... in the air shipment only got two of each size in each color except for 39/40R for which we got 5 since there are many who have been waiting on that size. I should also warn you all there is a slight price increase as we have not raised our suit prices in almost 5 years... so if you are happy with the...
Measurements on the Bella Spalla jackets are completely different. Used a different factory in Napoli for these. The jacket is longer by over an inch in most cases and also not quite as trim.
So some interesting news: they somehow did squeeze in my last minute request to make the new model (Nobile) with the wider 9cm lapels. They just came in and look fantastic! Also have a new navy glen plaid from Reda to add to the basic solids!
Most of what we carry is European and slimmer - what size do you wear?
No - they are getting shipped out of our London office today, so we expect them to hit the US site next week.Speaking of which - last call for anyone who wants us to ship from our UK office (our UK site still down so we would just send a direct Paypal invoice).
No code for the markdowns - you may note the additional 20% off is already reflected on the Caruso suits. These are an amazing value.The only code for additional markdown is for all Benjamin clothing with promo code "BEN10" at checkout.
Further markdowns: Lardini jackets from $206 Caruso/MaCo suits from $380 PT01 trousers from $98 Marco Pescarolo trousers from $80 All Ties 20% Off All Pocket Squares 20% Off All Riviera 30% Riviera Pure Cashmere Sweaters from $69 Stile Latino 10% Off Last days of Benjamin 10% Off with code "BEN10"
New Posts  All Forums: