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I was a bit surprised too - I hadn't picked up on the extremely slight pattern on the swatch (which is all I had to go by as I did not see the actual roll), but indeed there is the faintest plaid/check. I may keep the 38R for myself but have actually put it on the site along with just a few other extras that were made:http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/bella-spalla-sport-coat-indigo-blue.htmland here are the few extra linen...
@Riva I completely understand. Please message/email me if you have any issues and we will make it right.
Thanks for confirming this, guys. It seems most of the jackets did turn out correctly, but the brown hopsack seemed to have more of an issue than the others. A few of you guys have emailed me directly and I've suggest to have your tailor/cleaner give steaming and reshaping the lapels a try. At least one customer is returning his, so once we receive that we can have our tailor Pasquale have a look at that one and give his opinion (and see if he can make it 3 roll 2.5). ...
I'm waiting a 3 roll 2.5 from a new factory that I'm inclined to go with - same factory as I had posted several weeks ago but a 3 roll 2.5. I hope to receive the jacket here within the next 2 weeks once Italy opens up for business again in September.
Yes, if the roll is too high we will take it back for sure.
I agree this does not look right and was not intended to look this way. Yes please do let us know how it goes with the tailor press.We did ask about discuss more open quarters with the technician and they wanted to do a sample which would have set us back another 4-6 weeks so we didn't go forward with that modification because we didn't want to further delay production.
This is the way the jacket came and what was intended. It appears some of you may have received a less than ideal executed 3 roll 2.5. If this is the case please email or pm me with any specific concerns or issues and I can address them individually. Sorry guys!
I'd like to believe that at least some of these is a press issue. The finishing presser wasn't gentle enough in the final pressing of the jacket? Also may have possible pressed in the wrong place? Hold on let me grab a jacket here and take a pic...
I am very very sorry to hear and see this. First let me assure you if this is the case of your jacket you are free to return it for a full refund. That being said, while I personally did not inspect all of the jackets, all of the ones that I saw (and the few still here in our stock room) are 3 roll 2.5, some with varying degrees of where the roll hits but all here show the roll ending BELOW the top button. I'd like to hope that a few were simply pressed incorrectly at...
We will be putting up a few of the brown/natural glen plaid linen jackets only... the factory was unable to make up any other extra jackets although we may be getting more of the navy hopsack soon.
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