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Thanks Earl - that's what we're here for and we look forward to the pics!
Ha! Not really as it's important to set an example for the kids! When I head to Biella in September I'll look for dark brown hopsack as you're not the only one who has asked... which I hope all customers and forum readers will note: ALL FEEDBACK AND REQUESTS ARE CONSIDERED - I'm here for you guys!
Looks great and thanks for sharing!A pocket square would add a nice little touch though...
Hi Riva,There's 1.75" to let out the waist, so not quite 2". Sorry these don't qualify for the discount as that was for the older stock Benjamin merchandise, but as a registered customer all of your orders will be kept on record and we do hope to implement a rewards type program eventually.
Glad to hear it - we aim to please!
Sorry, but hopefully we'll have something similar to offer you in the future - perhaps from Benjamin Bella Spalla this fall.
Yes, pit to pit when laying flat on a table
Sorry I forgot to give a link to the 10cm Riviera jacket on instagram. If I get a chance I'll shoot a better pic so you can see from a better angle. FY I'm a 38R:https://instagram.com/p/vY9I6qPgHF/?taken-by=e_haberdasher
Thanks for the feedback. Would love to see a pic or two if you cared to take the time and share!
Sure there are several including the usual Italian suspects: Kiton, Brioni, Cesare Attolini.
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