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The short-lived Napoli suit had soft , slightly broader shoulders, and the waist was a bit more nipped. The Napoli sport jackets (still a few left) have almost natural shoulders and not as nipped in the waist as the suit jacket version.
I'll consider it. Thanks for your feedback.
Thank you for your message and interest in the Benjamin Sartorial suits. All the suits feature higher armholes and a slimmer Italian fit. They are all fully canvassed and are fairly classic. The Granoro, Classico, and Classico II are all basically the same block difference. It started with the Granoro and then we made some extremely slight adjustments which most people wouldn't even notice (adjusted the collar positioning slightly) for the Classico and Classico II. ...
Sounds like a plan... anyway feel free to email us with any questions, issues or concerns.
It actually depends... if the Benjamin blue label is just slightly loose you may want to size down... if it fits just right or even just a little snug then you its possible to just stay with the same size in the Bella Spalla.
Whoa that's a crazy combination!
@Riva is this what you were experiencing with your Bella Spalla?https://shop.mitchellstores.com/products/967305-kiton-sportcoatsMaybe we can borrow Kiton's explanation: "Perfectly imperfect"! Just kidding... of course.
Sorry to hear the jacket wasn't quite right, but hopefully you can correct the one lapel easily enough. Less than ideal final pressing sounds like the culprit in some of this case. I have addressed this to the factory, but again it is likely I will be switching to a different manufacturer anyway.Regarding the 3 roll 2, I have to say this is my mistake. I personally do not like a true 3 roll 2 with the top buttonhole showing on the face of the lapel and this was never my...
Let's just call it "prescience" since you're a good-paying and loyal customer.
Good news: we took one of the returned jackets to the tailor and he said that it was constructed correctly but pressed incorrectly at the finish, so indeed can be repressed by any tailor or even dry cleaner. Just be sure to ask them to press gently and have the bottom of the lapel roll instead of pressed flat.
New Posts  All Forums: