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Correct - jackets only, although I am hoping to offer some trousers made in Napoli - different factory though. Picked out a nice medium grey flannel from VBC. If we did suits they'll be made by 2 different factories which complicates things a bit... there would be more fabric loss/waste and also coordinating a variety of things would just take a bit of extra work, care and inspection, so for now we'll first see how the trousers do as standalone trousers and I'll await...
Haven't thought it through really... I guess I was thinking of 100% payment up front and then delivery in about 8 weeks. Returns allowed.Don't have pics of the fabrics yet as I don't have all the swatches, but I did post one of them on instagram a few days ago:https://instagram.com/p/8OT-W_vgNA/?taken-by=e_haberdasherZegna fabric in 100% wool that is so buttery soft you'd swear it was predominantly cashmere, and this lot was made for Brunello Cucinelli's collection. ...
Agreed - looks pretty good and I think the sleeve length seems fine at least from what I can see from the pics. Thanks for sharing!I just got back from Italy yesterday and picked out a few fabrics for the next cutting. Also tweaked the model slightly, and I hope to get the sample in the next few weeks to see how it comes out. As suggested by a few of you:1. 9cm lapels2. Lower button stance by 1cm3. Basted sleeves with no button stitching and sleeve buttons...
Sorry I totally neglected this...Benjamin Sartorial Dress shirt in Tremiti/Giacomo (they're the same model)Chest: 21.5" across (43" circumference)Shoulders: 18.5" straight acrossWaist: 20.25" (40.5" circumference)Sleeve from center neck: 34"Sleeve from shoulder seam: 25.25"Length from BOC: 30"Hope that helps.
With Bella Spalla I can do smaller orders - with Benjamin Sartorial I have to order much higher quantities, so again we'll see.
Maybe... possibly Bella Spalla made to order.... I'll think about it.
Yes - please do send a quick note to service@ehaberdasher.com - that'd be great as I'm in the London office, although I'll be sure to mention it to you them as well to give them a heads up.
They're the same color - we did a poor job in that they're not consistent in the photos... same exact fabric. Again the Nobile is slightly slimmer and also does have a softer shoulder (and slightly narrower shoulder). I reworked it to help alleviate the shoulder divot issue that a few people were having in the past. Anyone care to comment?
Classico II is slim - Nobile is just slightly slimmer in the jacket - I may change that and make it slightly fuller as I'm collecting feedback and so far there have been a few who've needed to size up and haven't had to in the past... I was going by my own body and I like the Nobile fit better but I gotta listen to you guys and not just design for myself!
At 5'5" you'll most definitely need a short. Best thing to do is order a new one and we can get the 36S out to you asap. If you are international you may be able to deny accepting the parcel that we already shipped (36R) and it will be return to sender. Might take a little longer to get back to us but you'd likely save on shipping and possibly duty if they are trying to collect any due with the parcel.By the way you probably don't want to get into an altercation with...
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