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I don't have any comparison with Samuelsohn - perhaps others here on the forum do? That being said the Benjamin Sartorial is an Italian fit which is meant to hug the body more closely then most North American commercial brands, so while most people who wear a 40R should be able to fit into our euro 50R (39/40R) garments, I believe there is a small minority who benefit from sizing up. I'm not sure how helpful that is but again perhaps others can weigh in?
We do have a small selection of Mattabisch, Barba, Borrelli and Pino Borriello shirts, but for an albeit more commercial but very nice shirt you may wish to consider the Benjamin Sartorial shirts. The new ones for $80 feature a nice substantial collar which just may fit the bill. They're made with mostly Canclini fabric also and feature a slimmer fit as well.
Don't worry - we plan on offering some great and interesting selections in a few more months!
Thought of doing midnight blue, but haven't come across a good fabric for it. We'll see.
Just fabric - not customisation - it would come in our current fit/model "Paolo", although with the 9cm lapel I'll be giving it a different name.
Sorry looks like someone beat you to it. If it comes back for any particular reason we'll let you know.
I think it's guys like you who make average joe's like myself look bad - I need to hit the gym!Hopefully we can cut extra trousers for the fancies we plan on cutting this fall. Will keep you posted.
Ah yes... that would indeed make a difference.
Straight line across the top from seam to seam. 18.25 - 18.5 is on the wider side... in what brands?
I hear the calls for 9cm lapels and will produce some Bella Spalla jackets with the 9 in the next round. By the way do I hear any requests for navy cashmere blazers? And based on the current Bella Spalla fit, we may try made to order - anyone game for that?
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