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If we do half canvassed suits they're not going to be $295. Probably more like $350 - $395 depending on fabric. We're still seeing how the jackets sell - so far they have not sold as well as we were hoping. We might experiment with some Bella Spalla suits - still working on that but lots of back and forth with Napoli, so at this point no promises (although supposedly we may have a small sample production in March).
Extra-slim shirts, no. The Benjamin shirts we have now are slim though and have the dual darts down the back for shaping. They're really nice - and more coming soon!
Just curious do you also have the Classico or Classico II suits at all?
Thanks for your input.
I'm headed back to Napoli later this month - originally was going to roll out more in March but might get pushed back further by a few weeks.
Haven't decided yet... there were plenty of customers who found the Napoli a little too big in the chest and shoulders...but we'll see...
Yes i do plan to do more full canvas - appears to be demand for both. I'm personally not a fan of tweed so probably not, and with tweed it's so thick and stiff it barely makes a difference if it's fully canvassed IMO.
Hey just wanted to wish all you guys a Merry Christmas!
Not sure if there's 100% overlap between this thread and our eHaberdasher affiliate thread, but just in case we did launch a new offering of half canvassed sport jackets for $295: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/New-Arrivals--Benjamin-Sport-Coats-with-fabrics-from-Loro-Piana--VBC-and-more-.html?soid=1101417638975&aid=zQbbObu7-O0 Suits are in the works as well!
36S was intended, but not executed unfortunately. I hear and acknowledge your vote for patch pockets.
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