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Several customers have told me they prefer the more tapered bottom - many have had them slimmed down by their tailors on their own. I myself prefer the more tapered bottom as well. I actually made the waist/hips a little more forgiving as well since some of you guys have had to go up a size for the trousers. What do you mean by more athletic fit? Bigger in the chest/shoulders?
This is my favorite one of the lot...
OK I will always stock a classic navy blazer - thanks for waiting!
OK so since many now have weighed in, voting for 9 or even 9.5cm, who of you still prefer an 8cm lapel? Speak now or forever hold your peace...
Today's instagram shot... "old stock" Benjamin Bella Spalla black jacket in spring cashmere linen wool: now $225! We also have a 48, 50 and 52 in the UK for any Europeans interested - shoot me a PM or email.
I thought you guys might like it.... hopefully several more different fabrics coming in later this year!
Here's a quick pic of the Reda navy plaid in the new Nobile model
Good question - the Nobile actually takes after the Napoli model suit, except the waist of the jacket is not as dramatically tapered and aggressive as the few Napoli suits that we made. Also the new trousers are not as trim as the Napoli trousers but rather are more akin to the Classico II trousers.
May have to wait until Monday...
Only in situations where we have extra trousers in the solid charcoal, navy or medium grey - you will have to email service@ehaberdasher.com to see if we can accommodate you.
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