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Yes this is mainline Zegna but probably at least 15 years old.
OK here's a new Napoli model (soft shoulder version) jacket you guys can expect to see in 100% Cashmere in a 2-button with flapped pockets. Cashmere from Biella - I forget which mill but I think it's Tallia Delfino. Yes my left shoulder is slightly lower than my right.
We may be tweaking the Napoli before doing a full blown production - still fiddling around with it...
Glad to hear it! $99 for Truzzi is fantastic. When I was visiting them a few weeks ago in San Marino a few weeks ago the rep told me it takes 5 hours to make a Truzzi shirt - not sure if I really believe him but they're definitely nice shirts! Sadly they simply aren't as popular as the other hand finished brands (Borrelli, Finamore, Barba, etc). Anyway enjoy - you got a great buy!
+1 when you see no button holes or fake button holes on used Brioni suits it's because the customer opted to not get functional sleeve button holes put in when it was altered to fit. But also bear in mind not all Brioni suits come with basted sleeves - some come with faux sleeve buttons and buttons attached, others even come with the bottom 2 buttons being functional, and yet others come with unvented sleeves so you can't even (easily) have the sleeve buttons be made...
Hopefully you'll see LOTS more fabrics moving forward and flannels for next year as well!
Yes for the most part, but the sport coats are going to be a totally different model with a natural shoulder and minimal padding so will be a little different but still a slimmer overall fit/silhouette. As it turns out the shipping to the US got delayed and I'm still trying to get down to the bottom of it...
DB is highly unlikely but three piece is most likely
By the way, thanks to ThisFits and Put This On for listing Benjamin suits in their recommended list for "Where To Look First for a Suit (Part One)" as part of their "A WEB SERIES ABOUT DRESSING LIKE A GROWNUP" http://putthison.com/post/64871524857/where-to-look-first-for-a-suit-part-one-far-and
Ah yes... trousers are a funny thing. I really like the slimmer profile but it doesn't suit everyone... would love to see pics if you get a chance!
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