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You won't be disappointed. Yes for many of these we only got one or two.
No worries - things like search, new arrivals, sorting, etc. will be much improved when the new site launches.
Actually there are only 321 items in "New Arrivals". You can find the Kiton sweaters in the middle of the 3rd page.I should also take the time to say that the site is absolute rubbish but we are nearing having the newly revamped site completed! Maybe after the new year I'll post screen shots of what it will look like... or better yet just have the new site up!Also I am aware there are some missing photos for some of the new ties - I'm having that looked into first thing...
So we recently put up some new items on the site including Kiton cashmere sweaters, as well as some awesome cashmere, cashmere blend and wool ties from rare brands including E. Formicola, Ulturale, Roda, Nicky, Ballantyne, Sasa and Borrelli. Check them out!
Oh I should also so I'm planning to widen the lapel by 1cm, and also making a few other minor adjustments!
Oh no that doesn't sound good... a pic or two perhaps? You can also PM me or email me directly ben@ehaberdasher.com if you prefer. Granted I have seen this happen with Kiton, Borrelli, etc., but never before with my garments - I'm hoping it is just a press (and imagine that is the case).
Thanks for the feedback... how about some pics!BTW the lapels should wider than that and almost 8.5cm...
No worries, boys, I have so much fabric in the pipeline it's ridiculous. There's a navy hopsack in there in addition to many other more conservative fabrics. I thought only SOME of the fabrics I have on offer are more bold - there are quite a few that I considered conservative! Well anyway as I said there are more to come, but I first am tweaking the model slightly so it will be a few months before more jackets come in (and suits for that matter).
It looks great and you're welcome! I'm not sure why other makers don't leave sleeves unfinished - the chances of having to adjust the sleeves slightly is quite high, so buttons would need to be moved around anyhow which creates more work for the tailor. Plus the option of having functional sleeve buttons put in is always a plus!
Great. I am really hoping some people who bought are from SF and following this thread and POST SOME FRIGGIN PICS OF YOU ROCKING THESE NEW BENJAMIN JACKETS ALREADY!!
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