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Just a friendly reminder that Bella Spalla pre-orders close tonight!! After placing your order, please reply to your order confirmation email stating what stock size you wish to pre-order.
I will have to get back to you on this... being here in London I haven't personally inspected the trousers but at least one customer has pointed out that the Classico II trousers that just came in fit differently (slimmer) than the Classico II that he'd worn in the past so I will have to have Colleen check. The Lucente trousers were the slimmest of all in the hips though. You may be safest with going with the Classico at this point if you have a choice.
Correct - not much - just as you see the jacket inside. You may be able to eke out 1 - 1.5cm between the 2 sides.
It should pretty much be the same shape and design - just a 3rd (top) button barely visible in the roll of the lapel.
Done - in the chart for that particular jacket.
Yes the brown wool/linen is now sold out!
Yes there is allowance to let out but not a whole lot - same as before. That's why they made the jacket a little fuller overall in the waist and chest because they didn't want to mess too much with the exposed inside since it's unlined and would ruin the aesthetic. They said for fully lined jackets we can do more allowance but not for the quarter lined.Yes you can order both 40 and 42 - but don't tell anyone I'm giving you special privileges! I also am not sure on the...
Yes that is a 34R. I'll get the measurements on that to you asap and posted on the site. Thanks for pointing that out.
A. how does the jacket feel in the chest and particularly under the armpits? It's clear that the mid-section is quite tight. As both jackets are straight out of the box and not altered or anything I wonder if the 38S is still better after having a little nip/tuck done?Regarding the length it does look like it is a little short - is this photo taken from the same angle as the 38S pic? Although the cut of the trousers you're wearing with the 36S also doesn't help with the...
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