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Oh, but not many in 38S though...
Ready for pics?
To be honest I don't like half canvas. I can feel the difference and usually see the difference also - especially with movement. But the price point of full canvas, as cheap as it is at $525, is just slightly out of reach for some people, and for a half canvassed garment the Benjamin may prove to be a really great product and better than 95% of what is out there at the lower price range. We'll see though.
We usually ship via Priority or Express Mail which provides for some insurance and partial tracking to avoid loss which happens often with just regular mail, so shipping is actually indeed price. US Priority Mail is $30. Better to combine with other items!
FYI the Corneliani is the 1st line Corneliani - not sure why it has the CC tag. Look underneath the tag it is their first line.
Yes, the narrow is 3" and the wide is about 3.75".
Hopefully we'll be able to satisfy both full and half canvas customers!
Eventually... I had some made in Italy but they screwed them up - had to send them back. Have solid black coming in though in a cashmere blend hopsack.
FYI the narrower lapel really not all that narrow at 3" wide.
Fair enough. I'll probably move forward with both. Just wanted to test the half canvas market and see what happens... I'd love to take on Suit Supply and take some of their market share.
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