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Here's an instagram pic of me wearing it. No atlerations done at all. It's a 38R and I'm 5'10" 158 lbs so I don't totally fill out the mid-section and can afford to take in the jacket slightly:https://www.instagram.com/p/_hHqdQPgJr/?taken-by=e_haberdasherAliotsy also has a few of our pieces and has instagramed a few shots as well:https://www.instagram.com/aliotsy/
Honestly we weren't planning on dropping the prices, at least not any time soon as they're already $25 less than the new Nobile model. If anything we may be dropping the prices on the blue plaid ones as those are not selling as well, but the solids are staples that we have and will always have, and the models are all fairly classic. We'll see though...
All the Benjamin suits and jackets feature higher armholes and a slimmer European fit and are fairly classic. The Granoro, Classico, and Classico II are all very similar with little difference. It started with the Granoro and then we made some slight adjustments which most people wouldn't even notice (adjusted the collar positioning slightly) for the Classico and Classico II. Lapels measure 8 cm.The Nobile is a new model, again with high armohles and fully canvassed,...
Really? Corduroy? Anyone else feeling a brown corduroy jacket? Wide wale I presume? I used to have one from Zegna Soft about 15 years ago... come to think of it I have no idea what happened to it. I did actually wear it quite a bit and found it to be quite versatile - especially for more casual wear.
I would tend to agree. Unless you're going for the trendy shorter jacket look the length is quite short.
Thanks for your feedback - we'll consider this as we move forward adding new merchandise to see if we can make the photos slightly larger.
Generally it's a 1 size difference, ie. UK 8 is US 9, UK 9 is US 10, etc.
Does the mouseover enlargement function not work for you? Or do you still find that to be too small?
In production now!
Have you guys seen our selection of Sutor Mantellassi shoes?
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