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Digging the Ormezzano linen pre-order with the coming coffee fresco trousers too
Actually both grey hopsack and taupe wool/mohair go well with the Zegna check
Not shiny at all.90 wool 10 mohair 220 gr Guabello
Yes prices will stay the same at $135. Also will have a very versatile light taupe wool/mohair in July as well.
Yup we've got the coffee brown and medium grey coming in wool hopsack - should be available mid July.
Thanks for your feedback and I can greatly appreciate your sentiments. I guess the Sartorial line has seen an evolution more than anything else. My first model 8 years ago was the Maestro model which was fuller, and with each new model I made some minor adjustments and also made it more fitted with each new model which finally arrived at the Nobile model (same fit/block as the blue label Naturale/Naturale Nuovo models as well as the Teatro tuxedo model). The Napoli...
@Sudonhim Thanks for the love! I'm sure we can deepen the pockets for the next batch of fresco wool trousers coming in July - will confirm with Italy.
Are you still having trouble with this? Have you tried to clear your cache/cookies/history and rebooted? If you continue to have trouble please email service@ehaberdasher.com.
Hey A. any chance you can throw the 36S on so we can see that one too?
I'm not sure you should go with a 36R... I'm 5'10" and wear the 36R. If you're 5'8" or under (and your body somewhat averagely proportioned) you probably want to stick with the Short imo.
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