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I thought they had arrived already in the US but apparently not yet... hopefully they'll land in the next day or two and then it will take some time to photograph, measure and get online... yes there are some Longs... will keep you posted!
The current Napoli fit has a slightly broader should and slightly shorter jacket with a more suppressed waist and slimmer pant than the Classico II. Also the Napoli has a softer shoulder than the Classico II.Hope that helps!
Hopefully works for you - this is the first time we're offering size 34S and 34R and were hoping to see a decent demand. Only a few sold so far...
Thisfits are you about 5'9" or 5'10"? The jackets look borderline too short to me (I realize this is somewhat subjective and more a matter of personal taste) - or maybe it's the angle from which the photos were taken?
Sorry I'm not sure how I totally skipped over this post without answering sooner!We measure the sleeve length from the top of the shoulder seam - not from the center of the neck which is the way SuitSupply appears to do. Does that make sense? I've never heard of a sleeve measurement provided the way SuitSupply does on anything other than shirts or garments that have raglan sleeves.
They're in! Should be on the site HOPEFULLY by the end of the week in the US ONLY! I have one here in London I will model for you guys in the next day or two...
Hmmm... well this is a new one... you must have really sharp and pointy leg hairs! This happened on all your Benjamin trousers? Strange... anyone else experience anything like this? Anyway PM on the way...
The front lining of the trousers going down tk the knee? Also presumably this doesn't occur with any other trousers for you? Can you guesstimate how many times you may have worn them out of curiosity?
Thanks for your feedback.Anyone else have sleeve pitch issues unique to the Benjamin (don't encounter with other brands/labels and only the Benjamin Sartorial), or any other issues?How about those who encountered slight collar gap problems in the past? We've already heard from one customer via email saying that the collar sits much better with the Classico II vs. slight collar gap issues he's had in the past with previous models.
Thanks for sharing your experience with the sleeve pitch - was it one arm and not the other or for both arms? Do you encounter this issue with other brands? Which way did they have to be rotated? Backwards or forwards (ie. looking at the right arm from the side did it have to be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise?)
New Posts  All Forums: