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Cool - thanks for weighing in.Size 15 Benjamin Giacomo/Tremiti:Chest: 40.5"Shoulders: 17.5"Waist: 37"Sleeve from center neck: 34"Sleeve from top of shoulder: 24.75"Length from BOC: 30"
I'll see if I can figure out a way to take 50% up front and the balance when they're ready to ship... will keep you guys posted.
I can recommend some nice ties to go with the jacket - perhaps later this weekend if I get a chance. The jacket looks nice - is it bluish grey with a biege in the plaid as it looks on my screen? DOesn't look hard to match with stuff at all - but maybe I'm wrong (or maybe because we have like 700 ties it makes it easier to match haha!)
Correct - jackets only, although I am hoping to offer some trousers made in Napoli - different factory though. Picked out a nice medium grey flannel from VBC. If we did suits they'll be made by 2 different factories which complicates things a bit... there would be more fabric loss/waste and also coordinating a variety of things would just take a bit of extra work, care and inspection, so for now we'll first see how the trousers do as standalone trousers and I'll await...
Haven't thought it through really... I guess I was thinking of 100% payment up front and then delivery in about 8 weeks. Returns allowed.Don't have pics of the fabrics yet as I don't have all the swatches, but I did post one of them on instagram a few days ago:https://instagram.com/p/8OT-W_vgNA/?taken-by=e_haberdasherZegna fabric in 100% wool that is so buttery soft you'd swear it was predominantly cashmere, and this lot was made for Brunello Cucinelli's collection. ...
Agreed - looks pretty good and I think the sleeve length seems fine at least from what I can see from the pics. Thanks for sharing!I just got back from Italy yesterday and picked out a few fabrics for the next cutting. Also tweaked the model slightly, and I hope to get the sample in the next few weeks to see how it comes out. As suggested by a few of you:1. 9cm lapels2. Lower button stance by 1cm3. Basted sleeves with no button stitching and sleeve buttons...
Sorry I totally neglected this...Benjamin Sartorial Dress shirt in Tremiti/Giacomo (they're the same model)Chest: 21.5" across (43" circumference)Shoulders: 18.5" straight acrossWaist: 20.25" (40.5" circumference)Sleeve from center neck: 34"Sleeve from shoulder seam: 25.25"Length from BOC: 30"Hope that helps.
With Bella Spalla I can do smaller orders - with Benjamin Sartorial I have to order much higher quantities, so again we'll see.
Maybe... possibly Bella Spalla made to order.... I'll think about it.
Yes - please do send a quick note to service@ehaberdasher.com - that'd be great as I'm in the London office, although I'll be sure to mention it to you them as well to give them a heads up.
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