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No, not this time around... sorry...
tdude already kindly posted a link to our return policy - basically you have 30 days (but we're pretty understanding and flexible if you need more time).If you're within the US you may want to order two different sizes if you're not sure what size will fit you best. The suits do run on the trim side - probably 15-20% size up. Maybe 25% size up in the trousers (an option we usually can offer).More tuxedos are not in the works at this time so we are looking at MAYBE next...
I know it's not the greatest website and not easy to use. The site is being reworked and it is my fault that it has been delayed for so long now.In the mean time we do have the product finder tool you can use to make things a little bit easier (the link is found at the top of the left side navigation bar):http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/CatalogOr you can always type in any combination of keywords in the search box in the upper right corner like "benjamin" "42r"...
Somehow I lost track of the swatches... but the jackets should be arriving by the end of this week so hopefully will be online soon enough.
By the way I'm told we should have them by the end of this coming week so hopefully online sometime in the following week!
Yes - and we have exactly ONE in a 52L which I would be happy to reserve for you if you'd like!
We had some Truzzi's offered to us but we'd have to sell them for $130ish - we only marked down the remaining Truzzi's we had at $99 just to move them out b/c we've had them for a while... definitely not normal pricing for us.
Yes this is mainline Zegna but probably at least 15 years old.
OK here's a new Napoli model (soft shoulder version) jacket you guys can expect to see in 100% Cashmere in a 2-button with flapped pockets. Cashmere from Biella - I forget which mill but I think it's Tallia Delfino. Yes my left shoulder is slightly lower than my right.
We may be tweaking the Napoli before doing a full blown production - still fiddling around with it...
New Posts  All Forums: