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Thanks for weighing in. I can fix that quite easily and price the suits at $900 if that helps...
The trouble with #1 is it's not always easy to find Zegna, Canali et tal in current styles and staple fabrics that also happen to be the size one is looking for.I'd have to agree with you on #2 - Boggi has really great style, and while they seem to have various qualities, I did notice that they're better made garments appear to be made by Isaia and are fully canvassed. I think they were somewhere in the realm of £1,000 (not exactly a huge bargain, but still less than an...
Right on. Just checked out your tumblr - lots of great inspiration!
I think I will as you're not the first person to ask!
The most popular fit comparisons I've heard in the past are the BB Fitzgerald, Hugo Boss, RLBL and Z Zegna. It is a slimmer European fit - high armholes, drop 7.
The Bose example makes perfect sense. This certainly applies to popular clothing brands to the masses like Hugo Boss, Armani, etc. which are widely singled out for fantastic marketing with minimal substance/quality. Let's give SF some credit - it's not ALL self flattery!Hopefully some people will chime in with their own thoughts/experiences with the Benjamin suits. Over 700 sold to date so hopefully some people will step up and give testimony.
Any chance I can humbly request/submit our Benjamin suits to be included on the list here or is this just for big-brand department/luxury store labels? Although I have to admit the list seems fairly critical with extremely high standards - listing the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali and Pal Zileri as only "Good"... SF really is a tough crowd!
Too early to say - certainly not before the end of this year though.
No worries and thanks for the well-wishes. I do understand that words and tone can oft be misinterpreted, so thank you for your further clarification earlier. Regardless feel free to drop me a line directly via PM or email if you wish: ben@ehaberdasher.com.
Sorry for not being more clear in my earlier response. My wife accuses me all the time of being overly verbose and not being concise enough with words... haha!For the Benjamin suits we currently only have the year round weight solids (other than the few winter weight 120's charcoal brown striped flannels). At present we do not have any summer weight suits for hot weather in the Benjamin collection. In the coming months we plan to offer a much wider variety of fabrics...
New Posts  All Forums: