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I'll speak with them about the jacket length, but right now dozens of pre-orders are already in place based on the measurements already provided so I'm afraid we probably won't change any measurements this time around.
I think I'll leave the lining color alone this time around. The factory is already annoyed with me with the issues I've brought up with them already.
Your wish is my commandWith wool/mohairWith coffee frescoWith grey frescoWith midnight hopsack
I have zero experience or knowledge of Peter Millar, but our shirts that are currently on sale for $65 are made by an Italian company that also makes for Zegna and Hugo Boss. Also this was posted a little while ago: maybe others can chime in?
That's a sweet jacket. I really want to would like to but having production issues with China and that's why I'm "diversifying" with Bella Spalla in Italy. If we do pick things up again with the Sartorial jackets you guys will be the first to know.
Hopefully not too badly... we will do what we can to help on our end, and as always ship via US Postal Service Priority or Express Mail.
It's not too late to change if you wish - just email ASAP (today) and we can cancel/refund your existing order and you can place a new order if you wish.
The Zegna and the Midnight hopsack are quite different from one another. Depending on where you live you can probably wear the Zegna 3 seasons (Spring/Summer/Fall) and the hopsack possibly year round. You can wear either with grey trousers. The color and finish of the Zegna is a bit richer and more interesting whereas the Delfino hopsack is pretty basic/classic.By the way for the lining of the Zegna indigo, Delfino hopsack and the Zegna check - we can do the very safe...
What specific questions do you have? There's been a few pics already in this thread, and we have a bunch RTW on the site. The MTO is actually still open for the time being as we're still waiting to hear back from a few customers who haven't let us know what size they want... so for those who thought you missed out you have a few hours left for the current MTO pre-orders.
My understanding is the Havana is quite slim fitting, in which case you probably should go with the 38 in the Bella Spalla MTO.
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