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Sorry the brown fabric sold out so we can't make making trousers for that fabric. Maybe we'll visit the idea in 2017.
Thanks, guys for all of your feedback. I've just spoken with Italy and they said a sample would be in order if we are to lengthen the jacket (I proposed by 2cm across all sizes), but they said this would delay production by 4 weeks, so rather than suffering the delay we are moving forward with the current model but doing a 3 roll 2 as agreed and they are going to try to open the quarters slightly, but otherwise keeping the posted measurements/proportions. In the mean...
Thanks for your feedback - not only is it appreciated but essential since it's for YOU guys!
Well at 5'10" the 36R seemed to fit me just fine in the length. Let me see if we can get them to lengthen by 1 cm without them getting up in arms and wanting to redo the whole pattern which would further delay the delivery. They already want to do so with my request to do the 3 roll 2 and open the quarters a bit but I was emphatic about ensuring that delivery be for July and don't want to cause any delays with samples on such minor adjustments.
I'm no perfect model either... my hips are larger than my wife's who bore our three children.
I'll speak with them about the jacket length, but right now dozens of pre-orders are already in place based on the measurements already provided so I'm afraid we probably won't change any measurements this time around.
I think I'll leave the lining color alone this time around. The factory is already annoyed with me with the issues I've brought up with them already.
Your wish is my commandWith wool/mohairWith coffee frescoWith grey frescoWith midnight hopsack
I have zero experience or knowledge of Peter Millar, but our shirts that are currently on sale for $65 are made by an Italian company that also makes for Zegna and Hugo Boss. Also this was posted a little while ago: maybe others can chime in?
That's a sweet jacket. I really want to would like to but having production issues with China and that's why I'm "diversifying" with Bella Spalla in Italy. If we do pick things up again with the Sartorial jackets you guys will be the first to know.
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