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It's back up and running - upgraded to the latest version of the platform and have workd out most of the kinks - if you have any troubles please let me know.Happy shopping!
You should be able to get on the site now - we're working through a few issues as we'll be upgrading to the latest version of the Magento platform we're using. The site may come down again for a few hours tomorrow starting at 3am EST but it shouldn't be for very long. Sorry for any inconvenience.
I just came across a photo of a jacket that looks almost exactly like the Riviera dove/beige/cream plaid cashmere fully canvassed jackets that we have for $346: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=riviera+cashmere+sport
Filters now working - but site will be down briefly next week for upgrade to newer version.
With the light and medium grey flannel look great with the dove/beige plaid - medium or dark brown tie... navy might be too dark a tie. We posted a pic on instagram of this jacket a few weeks ago:http://iconosquare.com/p/1062280568005067725_1561513967For the mushroom/tan you could do medium grey or preferably taupe flannels and possibly beige (I don't have these jackets here in London), and again more earthy toned ties that are darker but not too dark.Here are photos of...
Yes, that's always been there. I have this jacket - love it. I think I've posted pics of me wearing it, but here's another one from instagram a while back:http://iconosquare.com/p/853701022965432773_1561513967
I hear you and see what you're saying... I think that's part of the reason why the Riviera pure cashmere jackets we have on supersale aren't selling that well - even though they're fully canvassed, pure cashmere, made in Italy with an awesome soft shoulder and 10 cm lapels, and only $346.50 (?!?!) . Granted I really should have the pictures retaken - they're a little too washed out I...
Sorry - we are indeed aware of this and working to resolve it. We may have to take the site down for a little while in the next day or two as we also need to upgrade to the latest iteration of the platform for greater improvements to the site.In the mean time, it appears the filter (strangely) shows up if you use the search box and type in your search there. I've saved you the trouble and provided a link below with our tie selection and you can further filter from there...
Yea they didn't send everything for some reason - a bit annoyed... still working that out.
We've picked out a nice brown plaid... no pics yet but winter weight. Really handsome. I made some for the limited purplle full canvassed Luxury collection but mostly sold out now... we have some blue label ones though... not your size or to your liking? May do some more blue label also though and trying to get the price lower...
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