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Fair enough. I'll probably move forward with both. Just wanted to test the half canvas market and see what happens... I'd love to take on Suit Supply and take some of their market share.
Yup we'll see... FYI this is the more narrow lapel:http://instagram.com/p/wRUvQAPgP-/?modal=true
Yes we have never done the narrower lapel before, but seeing how popular J.Crew and the like are we figured we'd give this style a try and see. These are all half canvas. Full canvas would be at least $395 - $425. We're trying to reach a wider market with these half canvas at the lower price.
Wait for it... probably $295 - $325. And fabrics all from Tallia Delfino, Loro Piana, Ormezzano. But we're trying a narrower lapel with hacking and ticket pockets on some, and others with the wider lapel and patch pockets. We're looking to your feedback - hopefully on the site by Christmas (we only got in a few of the samples before the rest of the shipment arrives)!
Artini are all unconstructed. They're great for just throwing on casually with jeans and cords and the like.
Just jackets to start - these will be sort of a test. I posted two pics on our instagram yesterday and today. They're all 2-button:http://instagram.com/e_haberdasher
Maybe later this week or next.
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