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OK basted sleeves it is for the next time around (with separate sleeves buttoned to be later attached).
The waist of the jacket doesn't have much to let out - maybe a little more than 1/2" total. If you ease up on the turkey maybe you won't have to let out the waist!
So some of you guys prefer no faux stitched button holes - does that mean you prefer the basted sleeves and sleeve buttons unattached? Anyone else have an opinion on this?
The dark Mediterranean blue may be too heavy for 80 degrees - 70 OK but 80 I'd say not.Regarding MTO, I'm still working out details on how that would work. For the Bella Spalla it'd be pretty straightforward, but for the Purple Line (fully canvassed) it's definitely going to cost quite a bit more than the Benjamin Sartorial OTR, but may be more customizable like online MTM. Still testing it out as I can and working out all the details.
The pre-sewn faux button holes can be undone fairly easily. I thought this would be easier for customers who wanted to open up the sleeve buttons to make them functional and thought this was a decent solution, and yet still allowing customers who needed to shorten or lengthen the sleeves to still be able to do so. It does not have to be shortened from the shoulder. I could go back to the basted sleeves with no faux button hole stitching at all if you guys prefer - what...
We now offer polished horn button sets ehaberdasher.com => Accessories => other
I don't have any comparison with Samuelsohn - perhaps others here on the forum do? That being said the Benjamin Sartorial is an Italian fit which is meant to hug the body more closely then most North American commercial brands, so while most people who wear a 40R should be able to fit into our euro 50R (39/40R) garments, I believe there is a small minority who benefit from sizing up. I'm not sure how helpful that is but again perhaps others can weigh in?
We do have a small selection of Mattabisch, Barba, Borrelli and Pino Borriello shirts, but for an albeit more commercial but very nice shirt you may wish to consider the Benjamin Sartorial shirts. The new ones for $80 feature a nice substantial collar which just may fit the bill. They're made with mostly Canclini fabric also and feature a slimmer fit as well.
Don't worry - we plan on offering some great and interesting selections in a few more months!
Thought of doing midnight blue, but haven't come across a good fabric for it. We'll see.
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