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othertravel I'm not sure where you see 28" BOC on the 38R - it says/is 29".Current trends are definitely shorter than perhaps a "classic" length. The Benjamin line is designed such that it still completely covers the seat, which to me is sufficient in length. Some people prefer a longer skirt - I personally do not and thus design the clothing as such. Like any designer, my clothing is not for everyone. That being said I do appreciate everyone's input whether positive...
For those not on our email list, Benjamin sport jackets have gone live! http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-Sport-Coats/keyword/Benjamin/start/1/Categories
But trousers for the tuxedo are particularly slim... when I cut new tuxedos again soon I will make the trousers more forgiving in the waist/seat/thighs.
Silhouette of the tux isn't super agressive - it's slim like the rest of the Sartorial line, but it's not super slim. How tall are you? I'm just a hair over 5'10" and the 38R more than covers my seat. If you are regularly proportioned (torso to lower half of your body) and if you're 5'11" or under I would strongly recommend the R as a general rule.
Here are a few more... these will finally be available on the US site later today!
May have to wait until tomorrow or Monday - they're pretty busy in the warehouse right now... any particular shirt? Please provide link...
I'll have to look into those measurements posted... those measurements were provided by the manufacturer...I measured a 15.5 shirt and the chest measured 42.5" and the waist measured 37.5" - a drop of 5". But this is also after multiple washes... here's a pic
They're pretty slim. I'll take a pic of one of them laid out flat for you to see... hold on...
Eight of these:
Ballsy for a baller... these are very limited - I believe only six made.
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