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I can't promise anything at this time, but I am HOPING in May.
Yes - we will have some this coming autumn!
Yes, then you might as well wait...
Yes, the trousers of the current Scala tux are slimmer than current Benjamin suits, although probably about the same as the Granoro/Lucente model suit trousers. There is of course fabric to let out if need be.
Really? Never ever noticed this or even heard this. I will check this out tomorrow, but this sounds bizarre...
Yes slightly wider lapels.
Sorry for not responding sooner - just spent 3 days in Napoli/Bari/Martina Franca and just landed back in London tonight... got some goodies for you guys!Anyway still no hard dates - sorry. Once I know more I will let you know. By when did you need it?
Will do my best!
Ha! Do you or have you had a teenage daughter? There is almost NOTHING to make her think her dad is cool, and sadly a fully canvassed sport jacket, wool/cashmere trousers and a pair of suede belgian loafers isn't her idea of "stylish"! Well, at least she along with her other siblings can all feel and appreciate the difference between cashmere non-cashmere!
Sorry, with these when they're gone they're gone, but I'm working on getting a HUGE selection of jackets in this year, or at least that's the plan/goal!
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