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We don't offer all products with the wooden hangers, but we obviously buy in bulk (500-800 at a time) and actually do have them on our site for $16:http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-17911/eHaberdasher-Wooden-Hanger-cln--42cm/DetailThey're awesome - especially for the price. Do note they carry a $5.00 shipping surcharge because they're solid wood and HEAVY. We do sell quite a few of them.
Yes we are well aware of you 36S guys! Again it is a shame the production and order was not according to plan. Hopefully better next time around.
Hope to do more 44L next time for you and others... that MTO program would be good I guess if it can really work. Would be slight premium though, obviously.
Sold about 2 dozen... less than expected but not awful. We may do another batch yet, but probably will focus more on full canvas and wider lapels. I don't know... if only I had deeper pockets and had better control over production!
If we do half canvassed suits they're not going to be $295. Probably more like $350 - $395 depending on fabric. We're still seeing how the jackets sell - so far they have not sold as well as we were hoping. We might experiment with some Bella Spalla suits - still working on that but lots of back and forth with Napoli, so at this point no promises (although supposedly we may have a small sample production in March).
Extra-slim shirts, no. The Benjamin shirts we have now are slim though and have the dual darts down the back for shaping. They're really nice - and more coming soon!
Just curious do you also have the Classico or Classico II suits at all?
Thanks for your input.
I'm headed back to Napoli later this month - originally was going to roll out more in March but might get pushed back further by a few weeks.
Haven't decided yet... there were plenty of customers who found the Napoli a little too big in the chest and shoulders...but we'll see...
New Posts  All Forums: