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But trousers for the tuxedo are particularly slim... when I cut new tuxedos again soon I will make the trousers more forgiving in the waist/seat/thighs.
Silhouette of the tux isn't super agressive - it's slim like the rest of the Sartorial line, but it's not super slim. How tall are you? I'm just a hair over 5'10" and the 38R more than covers my seat. If you are regularly proportioned (torso to lower half of your body) and if you're 5'11" or under I would strongly recommend the R as a general rule.
Here are a few more... these will finally be available on the US site later today!
May have to wait until tomorrow or Monday - they're pretty busy in the warehouse right now... any particular shirt? Please provide link...
I'll have to look into those measurements posted... those measurements were provided by the manufacturer...I measured a 15.5 shirt and the chest measured 42.5" and the waist measured 37.5" - a drop of 5". But this is also after multiple washes... here's a pic
They're pretty slim. I'll take a pic of one of them laid out flat for you to see... hold on...
Eight of these:
Ballsy for a baller... these are very limited - I believe only six made.
Yes I also love the very slim fit, but it's not for everyone. I originally modeled the Benjamin trousers after Incotex. Probably 30% return or exchange these Euro ones for a size up. We sourced these directly from Italy rather than the fuller modeled ones that are made specifically for the US market, although we'll be getting more of the fuller US models soon! Incotex makes a great pant. You may also want to look at Marco Pescarolo who makes for Kiton. Look at the...
Keep saving up, although I really hoping that soon I will be churning out tons of sport jackets as well as suits! I believe in the next two weeks we'll have a new fabric in the Classico II: a dark charcoal glen plaid in super 180's. The fabric is ridiculous. It is lighter weight for warm weather wear and not a beater suit, but the thing is butter.
New Posts  All Forums: