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Looking over the swatches again I thought this one was okay also: Marlane 100 wool 275 gr
The Marlane 380 is a little heavier... probably best for fall winter spring imo.Horn buttons an be purchased separately:http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/polished-horn-buttons.html?___SID=U
I personally prefer 3 roll 2 also but the vast majority seem to prefer a straight 2 button so that's all we're offering for the time being.
Yes as is often the case I'm a bit frustrated as I was supposed to have these to show at the end of February to have delivery for end of May. Between being without a passport and Italians taking their sweet time we have to simply make the most of what we can... in fact I'm going to ask for fall/winter fabrics now and maybe focus more on that at this point.I'm still open to doing a small MTO cutting if there is enough interest but I would need to know what specific fabrics...
MTO prices (must put 50% deposit) would beMarlane and Ormezzano: $295Zegna: $375All else: $325Curious to know which you'd be interested in (feel free to pm if you prefer)
The brown wool linen was the closest I could find to a brown hopsack
Okay so I have a question for you guys... I just received some swatches for spring/summer but at this point delivery would not be until end of July. Too late for you guys? Here are some I'm considering. All are spring/summer except the dark navy Marlane Ormezzano 100 linen 380 gr Ormezzano 100 linen 380 gr Zegna 46 linen 41 wool 13 silk 240 gr Zegna 49 linen 32 wool 19 silk 230 gr Zegna 49 linen 32 wool 19 silk 230 gr Tallia Delfino 100 wool 260 gr Marlane...
May start to hit tomorrow if not then Monday for sure.
The MTO option closed back in January for these jackets pictured above. We will post here and also send out an email to all on our email list to alert you to new MTO opportunities.
Oh man I was counting on the bonus season for you guys and/or a tax refund!
New Posts  All Forums: