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Yea the fabric is fantastic. I forgot it was a premium fabric that I paid quite a bit more per metre for, but oh well...
Thanks for posting and it looks great - have you had alterations done already? I can see how opening up the quarters might be a good thing... will do next time around.
These are not mead to measure, these are made to order, so they are in our own stock size... have you worn the Bella Spalla before?
Thanks for your input, and you're right in that a reference for the models on the site is long overdue... just not sure how best to incorporate that although I suppose it can be in more than one place. I guess my only excuse is that I have so many other things going on that I haven't taken the time to do these 2nd tier projects. I have had in mind to incorporate a blog in the site and will probably focus on that as a good place for reference... perhaps later this summer....
I'm sure we can tweak this for you. Anyone else care to weigh in on the quarters situation and/or anything else? I didn't think they were that closed, but wouldn't mind opening them up a bit more if you all feel the same way.
Ah... cheers A. You're fast!
Fit is very similar to the Benjamin Sartorial (on the slimmer side), but the rise is just slightly longer in the Bella Spalla. I'm very pleased with them and we have started to sell a few already so we're looking forward to the feedback. Fabrics are great.
Thanks for weighing in. All of the above is what I've decided to do anyhow. I spoke with the factory and they would have to make me samples of the unstructured, which would set us back several weeks more, but they feel comfortable doing the 3 roll 2 enough so that I shouldn't need a sample made.I've also decided to hold off on the suits for now. I'm hoping to really stick with fully canvassed for suits as that's where you can really feel the difference greatly. Still...
And yes there are 2 darts above each back pocket, but they're still sort of a slimmer Italian cut. Will be working on putting them up within the hour...
Yes, from top to bottom the flannels are:1. Taupe/Mushroom (Drago for Canali)2. Brown (Drago for Canali)3. Light/medium grey (VBC)4. Mossy grey (VBC)They're all relatively lightweight so that you can wear into April/May depending on the weather... I'm actually wearing a pair of flannels today here in London.
New Posts  All Forums: