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There will be a few, depending on how much fabric is left, but the prices will be slightly higher than the pre-order prices (roughly 10%)
Yes, everything is returnable, but hopefully you won't be ordering a crazy size otherwise I may have to reconsider... by the way I'm closing out the made to orders tonight and submitting to Italy tomorrow.
It does look tight. When do you anticipate getting back to normal weight, and more importantly, do you have any other jackets or suit jackets that normally fit you well but also fit similarly to the new jacket you're modeling? If so, then it's likely your tailor can make slight adjustments to make it work for you. If not, you may need to return it.If you prefer to contact me directly to further discuss you can email me at ben@ehaberdasher.com.
Sorry as our office was closed until this morning... it looks like Colleen may have gotten back to you already via email? If not please let me know.
What kind of additional photos are you looking for?
By the way the factory said at this point they're not going to book Pre-Orders until after the new year, so Bella Spalla MTO pre-orders are open until January 3rd!! http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=pre-order
I will probably order more vests soon...
Yes I will be cutting up whatever is left, but they will be at a slightly higher price (around 10%) than the pre-orders.
There will be new fabrics to choose from hopefully by beginning of March. Delivery for current pre-orders should be available by the end of February.
In talking with the factory the greater allowance would be minimal - maybe just an extra centimetre because of the exposed inside finishing since it's only going to be quarter lined. We can have much greater allowance if fully lined.Informal Poll: What would you guys think of full lining? This would ensure there is plenty of fabric to let out if needed.
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