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Actually we used to have one on the site but removed it - I forget why... but yes I do plan to have a wish-list type function for the new site! Benjamin odd trousers have been on the agenda for a really long time now - once again production issues have plagued me though.
Barely changed the model. I'm wondering if you definitely go the Classico II model or perhaps there is a remote possibility you received the wrong sized trousers?
Time... need more time. At this point don't hold your breath - I am still more focused on the Sartorial (fully canvassed) line...
Sorry I have been traveling back and forth, and will be traveling again tomorrow (Amsterdam with the wife and kids for a few days!)The NJ location is only a commercial office/warehouse - not a store. That being said the tailor across the street hangs a few of our garments - if you email service@ehaberdasher.com they can make sure what you're interested is there waiting for you at the tailor and you can set up a day/time with the tailor to swing by. He's a great guy - old...
Still waiting for the test run of the tweaked models... once the models are good I'll start cranking out some more.
Yes, still plan to do so - just so many different things going on I haven't had a chance to devote to doing that, but definitely will be offering beyond the solids basics we have.
For the 2 jackets that you linked to above you can definitely wear through April at least, in my opinion. I suppose I should change the descriptions to Fall/Winter/Spring...
Oh... yeah those are sold out for the time being. I MIGHT be able to get a few more in the next few weeks... will let you know!
For the solids you can ask if we have availability and usually we can accommodate and make the swap.
You're looking for suits other than the charcoal/navy/medium grey presumably? After I get this new test order, and assuming all is good I will try to rush a production of new fabrics, so we're still looking at MAYBE June/July, but I really can't promise, unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: