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Ballsy for a baller... these are very limited - I believe only six made.
Yes I also love the very slim fit, but it's not for everyone. I originally modeled the Benjamin trousers after Incotex. Probably 30% return or exchange these Euro ones for a size up. We sourced these directly from Italy rather than the fuller modeled ones that are made specifically for the US market, although we'll be getting more of the fuller US models soon! Incotex makes a great pant. You may also want to look at Marco Pescarolo who makes for Kiton. Look at the...
Keep saving up, although I really hoping that soon I will be churning out tons of sport jackets as well as suits! I believe in the next two weeks we'll have a new fabric in the Classico II: a dark charcoal glen plaid in super 180's. The fabric is ridiculous. It is lighter weight for warm weather wear and not a beater suit, but the thing is butter.
These are just a tiny portion of fabrics I chose about 18 months ago - some of these were really stepping out of "safe" choices - if I'm not mistaken I believe a few are Kiton fabrics - with others from Carlo Barbera, Zegna, Guabello and others. I lost track of what's what though as I've looked at thousands and thousands of fabrics in the past 18 months! More to come - just waiting to hear feedback on fit, and then will go from there.I am very close to doing a MTO...
Fabric pics to whet your appetite... hopefully the jackets will be up on the site in the next 24 hours!
Due to arrive via UPS today! Hope to have them online by this Friday!
Bad news on the Benjamin shirt front. The manufacturing was a disaster from their new factory, so now I am possibly going to a different factory in Italy with whom I already met and spoke with last year... hopefully we'll nail it down as the samples look good and should be getting the fabrics to choose any day now. Will keep you guys posted, but in the mean time we continue to clear out remaining Benjamin shirt stock at $50 which is a great buy... I believe over 900 have...
For you Brioni fanatics, we did get in some beautiful pieces including suits in 150's, 160's and 180's and also a nice selection of pure cashmere sport jackets size 40R and up - different offerings on US and UK sites. Also new are a handful of Caruso suits from size e46R to e52R.
38S seemingly is not all that common a size, unfortunately. We've always got our eyes open for them but at this point there isn't anything due to come other than Benjamin in 38S.
Lookin' good!
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