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Does the mouseover enlargement function not work for you? Or do you still find that to be too small?
In production now!
Have you guys seen our selection of Sutor Mantellassi shoes?
Sorry the Classico II is discontinued. It appears all we have left is a medium grey in the 36R. The 38R may be worth a try... they are quite slim fitting.
Yes I would defintely offer a basic classic SB notch coat. Any idea how much BN Tailor charges for their coats? Site doesn't seem to be working properly.
I don't have the full inventory here in London, but if you'd like to see any particular ones in a knot I don't mind doing so and snapping some shots for you - just send me the links.
Which ones in particular? Feel free to link and metion specifics - I'm all ears.
So a fairly basic/classic single breasted notch lapel that hits mid-thigh? I was also playing with the idea of double breasted model.
Funny you should ask - back in September I was working on a few different coats but it simply got too late for the winter, but I'm hoping to have some to offer in September. What did you have in mind? As always I'm open to suggestions and any inspirational pics are welcome!
We've had the UK site on the backburner for a while but I hope to have it more fully stocked over the course of this year, and plan to include Benjamin jackets. Out of curiosity were you interested more in the Sartorial line (fully canvassed), or half canvassed Blue label or the Bella Spalla label? I do have some of the Sartorial suits here in select sizes and colours if interested. You can also PM me if you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: