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One can only hope!
Sorry... that one's sold out.
Yes, I plan to do a batch for spring and hope to go back to Italy in February/March as I'll be stuck in London while they're reviewing my visa renewal application until then. Assuming we get approved I'll fly out to Italy and hopefully get a nice selection for spring/summer!
Nice - I like that one quite a bit - perhaps my favourite one.You should have hopefully received an follow up email requesting your size - if you have not please let me know.
Nice - several people have chosen this one... only a few left available. We will probably send out an email tomorrow to bring attention to this special made-to-order offer and that it will close probably next Tuesday the 15th.
Good question regarding the deadline. We will be sending out an email some time mid to end of next week formally announcing the Bella Spalla pre-orders, and also hope to have the new Sutor Mantellasi shoes on the site as well by then and will announce those. Deadline will probably be around the 15th of December.Regarding the provenance of the fabrics, they're all already on there on the Fabric description line in parentheses. If you're referring to further details - I...
Yes - I have confirmed with the factory that we will make them 1/4 lined. Also yes you should receive a follow-up email requesting what size you would like.
Sorry that was a typo - it is indeed wool/cotton/cash.
The blue windowpane is pretty sweet. It's the blue brother of the brick one we currently have online already:http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/benjamin-bella-spalla-sport-coat-39r-40r-1993.htmlVery soft - which you'd already know if you're familiar with Piacenza fabrics.The Taupe with Brown is awesome though - Zegna made this fabric for Cucinelli - we got our hands on 30 metres of it only.
I'd say you can get away with most of them for early spring, but otherwise once June hits you may need to switch to something lighter.
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