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And yes there are 2 darts above each back pocket, but they're still sort of a slimmer Italian cut. Will be working on putting them up within the hour...
Yes, from top to bottom the flannels are:1. Taupe/Mushroom (Drago for Canali)2. Brown (Drago for Canali)3. Light/medium grey (VBC)4. Mossy grey (VBC)They're all relatively lightweight so that you can wear into April/May depending on the weather... I'm actually wearing a pair of flannels today here in London.
Jackets are up. Also have these flannel trousers hitting the site shortly:
We're thinking of trying a few Bella Spalla suits this time around too... price about $425. Thoughts? Barbera 100 wool Marlane 100 wool Marlane 100 wool
These will be MTO at a promotional price. Depending on fabric availability we may cut some extras as well just as we have done for the current MTO which we have just received and plan to put on the site shortly (the extras).
The previous MTO process took a bit longer for a few reasons - partly because I was waiting for a sample to be made which took a few weeks, and while it didn't come out exactly right it was enough for me to make small corrections and approve production to commence. The other reason was the factory did overpromise the delivery date which took an extra few weeks, so that was poor planning on my part in general. We should be able to hit a ready to ship date by end of July,...
We can also do this fresco in a medium coffee brown from Tallia Delfino
Yes you can get 3 seasons out of the woolen fabrics but the zegna is more strictly spring/summer due to the nature of the fabric composition imo (unless you live in more of a tropical climate).Yes I am planning on cutting trousers in this medium charcoal grey fresco.VBC 100 wool 240 gr
Yes, these were the changes along with basting the sleeves and keeping the sleeve buttons unattached altogether and also adding the quarter lining to the upper back.To be honest after getting this new batch in I'm inclined to go 9.5 cm in the lapels... any thoughts on that? If we do we may need to lower the breast pocket by 1 cm.
Sounds like the Zegna check is a clear winner for sure. I do like the brown Marlane and will most definitely offer the Tallia midnight hopsack as well. I do like the Zegna linen/wool/silk as well, and the Marlane navy may be good for a later cutting for the fall. I'll look into doing a completely unstructured jacket with no canvassing whatsoever - not sure if the factory does that (or does it well). Any other input or thoughts? And for those who have received your the...
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