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We can usually switch the trouser for you with the Benjamin suit and we do currently have stock in size 40 which you can have the waist/seat taken in easily enough. Just something to consider! You can try both suits and see which works better...
I'm playing around with a 9 cm lapel for the next round of Napoli soft shoulder jackets. The Riviera cashmere plaid jackets are 10cm - just barely within the acceptable range for my tastes but I think 9 is a good classic width.Another round of the Benjamin shirts are coming soon but from a different factory - nicer than the Saitt made ones from the previous batch. The cut will be just a smidge fuller and the collar slightly wider than the previous as well.Maco/Caruso and...
Quality is nothing special as they are a washed cotton casual unconstructed jacket. They tend to be cut on the full side for the blue plaid one. It's great to wear with worn jeans, washed khakis or cords - not meant to be worn dressed with a tie imo. They're great for the price and style though - can't comment on how it'd fit you though.
I have (or at least had) tons of fabrics that I had reserved/set aside for the past two years... I didn't realize production issues would be so difficult and frustrating. So while the short answer is YES, there are plans, the follow-up of WHEN is still uncertain.
New arrivals: Stile Latino suits (150's, 180's, 200's), jackets (bunch of cashmere) and Lardini suits (fabric from Loro Piana, Zegna etc.). Check it out!
Not sure if still the case, but Dior has been made by Maco aka Caruso (along with Lanvin, Smalto, RLBL, and a host of others)
Sorry you might be out of luck for the time being... there's a few guys waiting on this size/color and we are still waiting on the factory for the new samples to finalize for the next production so we are a few months out at best before restocking... We are getting a little more backstock though in the charcoal and medium grey in that size and others...
Forgot about that one... will have to ask the factory to look for it - I reserved it over two years ago I wonder if it's still there!
Trust me - it has been difficult working with the factories to cooperate. Frustrating to no end - I want more Benjamin suits and sport coats for you guys more than anybody else!Just got back from Italy late last night - exhausted as I've been sick for 2 weeks straight. On the way in the next several weeks:Caruso & Maco suitsMarco Pescarolo trousersVarious sweatersBenjamin TiesPT01 trousersIn addition, next week we should finally have Lardini suits, Stile Latino suits and...
The waist of a 38 jacket is about 38" (19" across), and for the 36 jacket is about 36" (18" across). Hope that helps!
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