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Thanks for your feedback. Out of curiosity may I ask what brands in 38R you have (in which you've had to had the jackets taken in)?
The more Neapolitan brands with the softer shoulder are generally cut fuller, at least this has been my experience with Kiton, Attolini, Isaia, although I have not tried any of their more recent garments (past year or two). In the Benjamin Sartorial I wear a 38R perfectly, and in the Bella Spalla I'm actually better off with a 36R. I didn't want to mess much with their block, and as it is I think I'm already annoying them with all my slight changes here and there. ...
Yes, you noticed, although this was not intentional. When I commented on this they said they made the chest slightly larger since I wanted the waist a little roomier. What do you guys who have the new Bella Spalla jackets think of the fit with the slightly fuller chest as well as waist? I was thinking it is fine, as it does not seem to throw off the lines much and a fuller chest seems to be more popular with the luxury tastemakers like the guys at The Armoury and...
Sorry I have no idea who else would have used this fabric made up into jackets or suits... it's got a nice soft hand to it though. If there's any extra I'll probably make one for myself.
Yep you should get three seasons to year round wear out of the Tallia D hopsack.
For those not on our email list, the new pre-orders are on the site: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=pre-order
Thanks so much for your very kind message. Hope to be of continued service!
I've spoken with the factory and the only change I'll likely be making is making it a 3 roll 2. I am not going to mess with the quarters for this round because that would set us back another 4-6 weeks for this production and I really want to get these deliverable by the end of July.
Looks pretty good for OTR no alterations - what is the tailor doing to it for you?Also out of curiosity have any of you guys ever had a tailor reshape the quarters for you before? I'm pretty sure it's easy for a tailor to do...
Thanks... will think it through and figure something out in the coming months...
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