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As an aside, I paid a visit to the Boggi shop in Sloan Square earlier this week and tried on several jackets. All of them were probably a good full 1" shorter than my jackets and they still covered the seat and looked great to me. Very Italian - not for everyone, but I do get inspiration from the likes of Boggi. As I may have mentioned before, I think I'm going to make my lapels slightly wider either via a new model or existing model. We'll see...
The suit jackets modeled above are the Napoli model but with a structured shoulder. The Benjamin sport coats are the same exact cut but have a natural shoulder, so for all intensive purposes they are pretty much the same cut - just a different shoulder.I'm looking forward to seeing some of you post pics of yourselves in the sport jackets!
Sorry it took a while... I had to bring jackets home from the office/warehouse so that my wife could take the pics since I'm usually alone at the office/warehouse!I'm 5'10" 160 lbs for frame of reference. Note that these shots are taken from a lower vantage point.Here below is the 38R:And here below is the 38L, which for this pic I folded the sleeves up because it looked ridiculous. As you can see the length of the Long has my fingertips just touching the bottom of the...
I can't imagine anyone making fake Longhi, to be honest. That is indeed Longhi's logo.
It's real but it's ancient. Probably a good 15+ years old.
I was at the Lanificio Zegna a few months ago and handled some really nice 14 mi mil fabrics, but 12... that's super 220's!
I personally feel it is less than ideal, but you would be far from the fist to do this with the Benjamin navy suit jackets.
I'll have to post some pics of me wearing various lengths when I get a chance this week and we can do some side-by-side comparisons.
othertravel I'm not sure where you see 28" BOC on the 38R - it says/is 29".Current trends are definitely shorter than perhaps a "classic" length. The Benjamin line is designed such that it still completely covers the seat, which to me is sufficient in length. Some people prefer a longer skirt - I personally do not and thus design the clothing as such. Like any designer, my clothing is not for everyone. That being said I do appreciate everyone's input whether positive...
For those not on our email list, Benjamin sport jackets have gone live! http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-Sport-Coats/keyword/Benjamin/start/1/Categories
New Posts  All Forums: