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Funny you should ask - back in September I was working on a few different coats but it simply got too late for the winter, but I'm hoping to have some to offer in September. What did you have in mind? As always I'm open to suggestions and any inspirational pics are welcome!
We've had the UK site on the backburner for a while but I hope to have it more fully stocked over the course of this year, and plan to include Benjamin jackets. Out of curiosity were you interested more in the Sartorial line (fully canvassed), or half canvassed Blue label or the Bella Spalla label? I do have some of the Sartorial suits here in select sizes and colours if interested. You can also PM me if you prefer.
While the medium grey is extremely similar between the Classico and the Nobile, the vest matches exactly with the Nobile model. Hope that helps!
Would you care to comment on the fabric? It is INSANELY soft - every time I wear it I get so many comments on how soft it is and my teenage daughters even hug me.
Thanks for your feedback guys. We're going with 1/4 lined and giving another 1.5 cm in the waist, and also a little more room to let out although there isn't a whole lot to give because they're 1/4 lined. Should arrive by end of next month!
While the button stance is a little high (and for which we will adjust by dropping the stance by 1cm moving forward), I do think the camera angle plays a big part as this is taken from a pretty low angle. You can see the difference in camera angles and how they make a big difference when compared with the shot belowThe jacket looks great by the way - certainly makes me happy to see pics like this! Also, while your tailors may struggle to let out the waist just a little...
Hey guys Thanks for your pictures and posts. Looking at some of your feedback would it be helpful to add say another 1.5 cm (total) to the waist? This would be added to the list of adjustments to be made to the existing Bella Spalla model: The new model will include: Quarter Lined Jacket (lined on the higher part of the back and on the sleeves) Unfinished sleeves (no buttonholes) and buttons provided apart Lapel width 9 cms. Front buttons stance dropped of 1...
The grass is always greener my friend... attitude of gratitude!
I'll be honest here: I've got three kids ages 12, 13 and 15, two mortgages to pay (thankfully with good tenants, which wasn't always the case), haven't funded retirement in YEARS, zero savings, haven't funded college education for the kids, work about 60 hours a week, and just barely paying the bills. And yet I consider myself extremely blessed because there's food on the table, I enjoy what I do (for the most part), get to see my wife and kids more than probably 95% of...
Thanks for the kind message. Assuming my visa gets approved to stay on in London for another 2 years I definitely plan to offer spring/summer. Right now I'm without passport for the next 6-8 weeks, but assuming all goes well I'll be headed back to Italy in late February to grab more fabrics for spring/summer and offer on the site by early March around the time the current pre-orders will have already been received so that we can get more feedback if needed moving forward.
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