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Yes prices will stay the same at $135. Also will have a very versatile light taupe wool/mohair in July as well.
Yup we've got the coffee brown and medium grey coming in wool hopsack - should be available mid July.
Thanks for your feedback and I can greatly appreciate your sentiments. I guess the Sartorial line has seen an evolution more than anything else. My first model 8 years ago was the Maestro model which was fuller, and with each new model I made some minor adjustments and also made it more fitted with each new model which finally arrived at the Nobile model (same fit/block as the blue label Naturale/Naturale Nuovo models as well as the Teatro tuxedo model). The Napoli...
@Sudonhim Thanks for the love! I'm sure we can deepen the pockets for the next batch of fresco wool trousers coming in July - will confirm with Italy.
Are you still having trouble with this? Have you tried to clear your cache/cookies/history and rebooted? If you continue to have trouble please email service@ehaberdasher.com.
Hey A. any chance you can throw the 36S on so we can see that one too?
I'm not sure you should go with a 36R... I'm 5'10" and wear the 36R. If you're 5'8" or under (and your body somewhat averagely proportioned) you probably want to stick with the Short imo.
Oops I forgot to mention the pre-order deadline, didn't I?Next Sunday May 15th.
Thanks. To be honest I'm not sure what lies ahead for the Sartorial line as production timing and priority has been an ongoing issue. Some customers have found the new Nobile model to be too slim, whereas it seems to have won over others that found the Classico to be too full and broad in the shoulders. Unfortunately there is no one model fits all... but that's the nature of the beast. And when introducing different shoulders/styles/silhouettes, let alone different...
I think it may wrinkle slightly, but not as much as most finer/lighter weight linens would. I think there will definitely be a sort of linen "spring" or "bounce" to it from what I can tell though which is nice. It's definitely a great fabric and excited to see how they'll be made up.As for shipping we ship via USPS Priority and if upgraded ship Express Mail. We do use Fedex or UPS for international shipments.
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