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No worries, boys, I have so much fabric in the pipeline it's ridiculous. There's a navy hopsack in there in addition to many other more conservative fabrics. I thought only SOME of the fabrics I have on offer are more bold - there are quite a few that I considered conservative! Well anyway as I said there are more to come, but I first am tweaking the model slightly so it will be a few months before more jackets come in (and suits for that matter).
It looks great and you're welcome! I'm not sure why other makers don't leave sleeves unfinished - the chances of having to adjust the sleeves slightly is quite high, so buttons would need to be moved around anyhow which creates more work for the tailor. Plus the option of having functional sleeve buttons put in is always a plus!
Great. I am really hoping some people who bought are from SF and following this thread and POST SOME FRIGGIN PICS OF YOU ROCKING THESE NEW BENJAMIN JACKETS ALREADY!!
What color and size were you looking for?
Caruso has so many models including quite a few that actually run on the shorter side with many much shorter than the Benjamins.
At 6'2", you may very well be the first person I know to wear a 40R and not a Long. That being said the 39/40L jackets sold out a LONG time ago - I think 3 customers scooped up all that we had, but no worries - we'll be getting more eventually!
Not really since we already discount... although we are often marking things down permanently so be sure to check the sale section from time to time. We will be auctioning off Benjamin suit or jacket with SF's annual Holiday Charity auction, so you may be able to scoop up a Benjamin suit or jacket at a discount and have the proceeds going to a great cause at the same time!
I'm not sure on the Napoli suit model - I'll definitely at least be making the trousers fuller, if not just using the Classico model pant. I'll keep you guys posted... what draws you to the Napoli over the Classico II?The jackets have not been selling as quickly as I thought they would, but those who have bought and heard back from have had overwhelmingly positive things to say about them - I hope a few who might be on SF are willing to post pics and thoughts! I'm quite...
Oh you originally said size 38 had a 43" chest... you just linked to a 39/40, which is correct. We only have handful of Napoli model suits in London which are not online and are being transferred to the USA next week. They are almost all charcoal except for a navy in 38R.
Where do you see the chest of a 38 measuring 43"? (Link?) The chest measurement of a garment is always 2-4" larger than the chest size it is intended to fit to allow for movement and factoring in the fabric and interlining. The Napol suiti has a different shoulder than the Classico with a softer shoulder pad and slightly wider shoulder and a more suppressed waist and slimmer trousers (which we can switch for you). Please note the Napoli sport jackets have a soft...
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