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Very very few - none of the brown hopsack though.
It is on our screens for the most part, but screens vary so much from ipad, to mobile phone, to laptop... so we just do the best we can.
Just got word that trousers are done and jackets going into production this week - AHEAD OF SCHEDULE (a miracle from Napoli... money talks)! Hope to have jackets and trousers ready and in the US by mid July - possibly even sooner.
That's a great jacket IMO but perhaps others may wish to chime in. Father's day discount is sitewide EXCLUDING Benjamin items - so would not apply to this Benjamin Bella Spalla jacket I'm afraid.
All should be working now including Chrome. It was some strange technical cookies/cache issue. If anyone continues to have trouble please do let us know!
It is 'DADS2016'
Promo code was sent to those on our email list.
This is really strange. We are having no problems, but tend to use Mozilla Firefox. Our tech support has tested on all browsers and had no issues, but when I personally tried it on Chrome I was having trouble. Our first suggestion would be to clear your cache on your computer and try again - perhaps try with Mozilla Firefox and let us know if you still are having trouble.Regardless you can use the promo code on the shopping cart page and checkout without logging in if...
Incidentally have any of you had trouble logging into your account on ehaberdasher.com recently? We've had at least three customers say they're having problems logging in...
Riva hopefully with sizing down to 34S this will work well for you, and for the past round I'm just trying out the 3 roll 2. The plan is to generally stick with classic 2-button for the most part moving forward, but actually we got a much bigger response with the 3 roll 2 so we will see if sentiments change.
New Posts  All Forums: