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It's real but it's ancient. Probably a good 15+ years old.
I was at the Lanificio Zegna a few months ago and handled some really nice 14 mi mil fabrics, but 12... that's super 220's!
I personally feel it is less than ideal, but you would be far from the fist to do this with the Benjamin navy suit jackets.
I'll have to post some pics of me wearing various lengths when I get a chance this week and we can do some side-by-side comparisons.
othertravel I'm not sure where you see 28" BOC on the 38R - it says/is 29".Current trends are definitely shorter than perhaps a "classic" length. The Benjamin line is designed such that it still completely covers the seat, which to me is sufficient in length. Some people prefer a longer skirt - I personally do not and thus design the clothing as such. Like any designer, my clothing is not for everyone. That being said I do appreciate everyone's input whether positive...
For those not on our email list, Benjamin sport jackets have gone live! http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-Sport-Coats/keyword/Benjamin/start/1/Categories
But trousers for the tuxedo are particularly slim... when I cut new tuxedos again soon I will make the trousers more forgiving in the waist/seat/thighs.
Silhouette of the tux isn't super agressive - it's slim like the rest of the Sartorial line, but it's not super slim. How tall are you? I'm just a hair over 5'10" and the 38R more than covers my seat. If you are regularly proportioned (torso to lower half of your body) and if you're 5'11" or under I would strongly recommend the R as a general rule.
Here are a few more... these will finally be available on the US site later today!
May have to wait until tomorrow or Monday - they're pretty busy in the warehouse right now... any particular shirt? Please provide link...
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