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The Tremiti and Giacomo shirts are the same exact model in everything - body, collar, etc (they forgot to change the name Giacomo). Sorry about the measurements - somehow they got mixed up and it is on the list of things to fix/adjust. These Giacomo/Tremiti shirts are really fantastic though - better than the Tropea shirts made by SAITT. Superior fabrics as well!
Hope your recent order works well for you - thank you as always! Get ready for Bella Spalla jackets coming online hopefully within the next 2 weeks. We're starting to put new Benjamin shirts online now - they're fantastic and feature beautiful Canclini fabrics!
For the solid Benjamin Sartorial suits there is about 1.5" to let out the waist. This being said we can usually accommodate a trouser swap, but depending on our inventory of trousers. It appears we do have charcoal and navy in stock - which suit color were you considering?
Lapels are 3.25" straight across. Great jacket!
Here are a few, and I'll take pics of the others tomorrow.
Not yet... they should be shipping from Italy next week and so hopefully in the US in maybe 2 weeks. Will first be processing the in the UK - any of you guys interested in the Benjamin Bella Spalla and would prefer to order from our UK office? We have been having problems setting up our new UK site - originally it was meant to all branch from eHaberdasher.com but now it does appear it will need to be a separate website (ehaberdasher.co.uk) as it was before....
Shouldn't be a problem. I see you already emailed service@ehaberdasher.com to confirm. Thanks!
Two totally different models/silhouettes also. The first one has a beautiful spalla camicia, whereas the second has a more structured shoulder - perhaps better suited for the fabric since it's a fine wool vs. a flannel.
And you guys also realize Lardini jackets are as low as $236 and suits as low as $340! Made in Italy, half canvassed, fabrics from premium Italian and British mills!
Sorry I think I got it backwards - Caruso being the manufacturer of the MaCo label (which used to be the name of the company before changing the name to Raffaele Caruso).
New Posts  All Forums: