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I've been looking for a good navy/midnight fabric for the tuxedos, but haven't been able to find one. I may end up using the same fabric that we currently use for the navy suits if I can't find anything soon.... have had a few inquiries for navy/midnight tuxedos.
You may have seen in a previous post, but we will be getting tuxedos and solid navy in May.
I'm trying... we will have some Benjamin Bella Spalla but probably not the Benjamin Sartorial or Blue lines.
Thanks! These are indeed handmade luxury products and I think they are really beautiful. There's nothing quite like them on the market and we are hopefully going to be in talks with some very high profile shops and magazines here in London, Asia as well as New York. That's all I'll say for now... but I love them and they're really special.Here are a few more pics
Sadly, not really. We are getting in a restock of solid navy and tuxedos next month in a new model - very similar to the Classico II. Hopefully they look good and then will finally be ordering the fancy fabrics into production this spring.
Here are a few ideas (please bear in mind I'm not seeing these items in person as I'm in...
Navy trousers:http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/bottoms/benjamin-trousers-53.htmlWhat size shirt do you wear?
They're going to be retail $148 - $348. We are looking for retailers to sell wholesale to, but for the debut launch on ehaberdasher taking place at the end of the month we will probably offer least 20% off retail prices. Bear in mind these are individually cut and made by hand here in the UK using amazing fabrics. "This Sartorial Home cushion is proudly handmade in the United Kingdom. Inspiration for the collection is drawn from Savile Row and Milan, both steeped in...
Ah, you noticed! Individually hand cut and tailor made in London and Edinburgh. All fabrics from VBC, Zegna, Tallia Delfino, etc. Piping is silk from Como or velvet from Biella, lining reminiscent of shirting, leather embossed with Sartorial Home logo. They are SAWEEET!This has been our latest project... let us know what you think.Here's a preview:
Sorry site is now up again - we had some inventory quantity issues that needed reconciliation but we should be all good now. We're continuing to work on additional filtering options in time, including pattern, color, etc.
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