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BTW between now and Monday only (now through September 8th) all ties on the US and UK sites are 20% off with code "TIES20" at first step of checkout!
Toyed with the idea... just seemingly o much demand... are you in the UK or US?
For those not on our email list we did recently get in lots of MaCo (mfg of Caruso) suits that are AWESOME and at great prices: ON OUR USA SITE ON OUR UK SITE
The sizing and style is European - cut with higher armholes and meant to be more fitted to the body. The higher armholes and lightly padded shoulders contribute to a narrower shoulder measurement. Obviously no two bodies are exactly allike, but some customers actually comment that the shoulders are actually too WIDE - everybody's different...
Still working on getting production time for suits and jackets - at this point I don't want to promise anything until I really have a firm grasp on what is going on and what fabrics - I have so many fabrics set aside from the past two years that are still waiting to be made. Trust me I'm a lot more frustrated about this than you guys are regarding this...Shirts are in and landing on the site shortly, but unfortunately we only got a partial order shipped to us so lots of...
Looks great - even the chair cushion matches!
Yes for sure... please just be patient we're working on it!
Currently all the tailored Benjamin Sartorial clothing (suits, sport jackets and trousers) are made in China.Benjamin ties are made in Italy.Benjamin shirts are made by Italian companies but factory in Romania.
FYI for those not our our email list we added Pal Zileri suits (first line classic - fully canvassed made in Italy) to both US and UK sites last week - starting at $395! Also lots from their sartoriale line as well - also at great prices!
Fit is just slightly fuller than the previous run of Benjamin shirts. Fabrics will be slightly nicer as well! And this time we'll have size 14.5 too!
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