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The solid white you have and the solid pink are the only ones that are best with an undershirt. All the other shirts can be worn without any undershirt.
We should be getting more navy in the next few weeks.
Probably not... we're a little heavy on ties atm. What kind of ties were you looking for? We've got hundreds to choose from as it is...
Shirt looks like a great fit - I've been really pleased with the shirts as we use the same factory that Zegna contracts with for some of their shirts made in Romania (although the shirt company headquarters is actually in Italy). I bought thousands of meters from Canclini and so the fabrics, for the most part, are amazing.The shirt you have is indeed a thinner/finer broadcloth that is extremely soft, and indeed best to wear an undershirt with it. We have the same fabric...
Yes the next run will see some slight changes including more open quarters, SLIGHTLY longer jacket length. Actually now testing and may go with a different factory...Here's a pic posted of the jacket from the new factory. I know you can't see the length but the shoulder is slightly more natural also.
Yes I came across the green Drago and something about it really draws me to it, although I look terrible in green so wouldn't be at all for me! It has a slightly tweedy finish and texture and is really interesting, somehow much more intriguing than it's midnight blue brother (#3).
Yes, different hopsack for fall/winter. This is actually more of a heavy nailhead weave but when you hold it to the light you can see it is a hopsack (slightly open). The other was spring/summer weight in wool/linen.
Okay I added additional pics to the original post... better? Tough to get the lighting/coloring right.
Here are some fabrics I'm thinking of cutting for the Autumn/Winter Bella Spalla jackets. Please reply with your votes or pm me or email to weigh in. I will offer the ones that are most popular as MTO in the next few weeks. #1 Dark navy with grey plaid 100 Wool 370 gr from Ormezzano #2 Grey plaid with brown over plaid 100 Wool 360 gr from Ormezzano #3 Midnight blue melange 100 wool 320 gr from Drago #4 Dark green melange 100 wool 320 gr from...
I tend to agree. I think a 39/40R may be best for you and have it altered from there. How does it feel in the armhole? Is it a little bit tight? The jacket will start to give slightly over time as the canvas conforms more to the shape of your body, and the armholes will also loosen up a little bit as well. The blades would need to be taken in a little bit to clean up the back, but I think you need the length of a Regular.
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