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For all you SF guys who celebrate Christmas, I just wanted to wish you a belated merry one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0T83bKc7owo
Yup - same fabric for the charcoal so you're in luck!
Allow me to be the 11th - you look MAAAHVELOUS!!!
Just added some Benjamin Ties for $40/£30 - hand made in Como, Italy as well as some new gorgeous Kiton ties! In the US: http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-Neckties/keyword/1311/start/1/Categories In the UK: http://www.ehaberdasher.co.uk/servlet/the-Accessories-cln-Ties/Categories We also got in some really plush Riviera sweaters in cashmere/silk in 1/2 zip and polo models: In the US: ...
Well done, guys and thanks for the bidding and contribution to the cause!
Bid for Charity! $600 Store Credit on eHABERDASHER currently only at $450 - you can use it on ANYTHING SITE-WIDE! http://www.styleforum.net/t/371247/auction-thread-for-the-styleforum-2013-holiday-charity-drive-for-the-ronald-mcdonald-house/315#post_6797765 For inspiration check out our Facebook page (and become a fan while you're at it!): https://www.facebook.com/pages/eHABERDASHERcom/81472116462
What size? Color preference? Not too many - I'll be bringing back what's left with me from London back to NJ later this week.
OK just seeing this! C'mon guys - this is $600 to spend ANY WAY YOU WANT. That means, not just Benjamin but Kiton, Brioni, Borrelli, Battisti, Riviera, Incotex - ANYTHING ON THE SITE! Remember the auction amount is going to a great cause! For inspiration and ideas checkout our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/eHABERDASHERcom/81472116462
Yes - just activated that for you loyal international guys!
Perhaps others will chime in on their experiences, but we have not received a single complaint about the durability of the fabric in the past 4 years. I can say that my brother works in Manhattan, walks a good 40 blocks a day and he has worn the trousers on a regular rotation 1-2x a week for over two years with no issues.
New Posts  All Forums: