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Cut is slightly more forgiving than the Benjamin trousers. The price is probably going to be $130-$135.
13"?!? You're talking belly button level! Can't say it's my style right now... in fact I forgot to tell you guys along with the Bella Spalla jackets I made some wool flannel trousers as well (better late than never!) which we hope to have online in the next 2/3 weeks. If you're looking for forward pleat higher rise - does Ralph Lauren stilll make them? Haven't checked in years, but back when I worked for them in 93/94 all my trousers from them were like that: high rise...
Thanks... as they say there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity... all I know is I'm having fun!
If I wanted needling I'd go to my tailor... okay bad joke! I'll keep you posted!
Trust me we are doing everything we can, but while we're awaiting the fate of our visa extension application our passports are held ransom by the UK Home Office! MTO orders are supposedly being completed now, due to go through inspection by a friend of mine in Italy within the next few days, then shipped to the US next week. Did you respond to our email and pick out your free tie/pocket square already?
If you want I can try to lightly bleach the charcoal one for you just to lighten it up a bit!
Not sure if you're interested, but I just found that we have a charcoal Nobile in your size here in London - I can transfer it over to you if you'd like. You can probably order it next week...
I'd like to, but as per my previous message/post I need to get to Italy to get fabrics. Production time for the factory in Napoli is proving to be more like 8-10 weeks, so best scenario would be delivery in late June at the earliest.
Unfortunately we are out of those and don't have anymore back stock in those sizes in navy or grey. I will be honest - I'm working on several things at the moment and am dabbling with a few different factories in Italy now, including a full canvas production in addition to the half canvassed Bella Spalla as I've had too many production issues with our current production in China for the Sartorial and blue label Benjamin lines, so things still tend to be slightly...
What size/color are you looking for in the Benjamin Sartorial suits?For the Benjamin Bella Spalla I am still stuck without my passport so can't get to Italy to shop for fabrics for spring/summer.Speaking of which, what kinds of fabrics are you guys looking for? I've heard several votes for brown hopsack... what else?
New Posts  All Forums: