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Yes for sure... please just be patient we're working on it!
Currently all the tailored Benjamin Sartorial clothing (suits, sport jackets and trousers) are made in China.Benjamin ties are made in Italy.Benjamin shirts are made by Italian companies but factory in Romania.
FYI for those not our our email list we added Pal Zileri suits (first line classic - fully canvassed made in Italy) to both US and UK sites last week - starting at $395! Also lots from their sartoriale line as well - also at great prices!
Fit is just slightly fuller than the previous run of Benjamin shirts. Fabrics will be slightly nicer as well! And this time we'll have size 14.5 too!
Thanks! I do believe we willy finally see more fabrics this autumn!By the way Benjamin shirts just arrived in NJ - hopefully they'll be on the site by next week!
Isaia/Kiton silhouette is easier said than done!
Oh also in regards to a slightly lighter blue - yes we plan to offer this as well before the end of the year.
Sounds like you may want to consider the 42R and stick with the 36 trousers and have them taken in if need be. If you do wish to swap the trousers out you can either:1. Request the swap at step 5 notes section of checkout (provided we have enough stock in the size you wish to have changed to)2. Order the separate trousers in the size you prefer and then return whichever doesn't fit as well (again first check with us by emailing us at service@ehaberdasher.com to see if...
Slimmer than the Classico II? Probably not... have you considered something slightly fuller cut in a 38R like the MaCo suits? The prices are great - just slightly higher than the Benjamins and really great quality/price/value. As of now no plans for MTM - seen too many problems with that and I'm afraid I just wouldn't be able to do it right...
Ah yes - we can usually do that if we have stock in the separate Benjamin trousers. Typically the customer emails us a request for this and we then check and if it's a go you would provide explicit instructions in step 5 of checkout in the notes section requesting the trouser switch and the size of the trousers desired. But first you need to let us know what exactly you need in terms of pant size and color...
New Posts  All Forums: