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Most of what we carry is European and slimmer - what size do you wear?
No - they are getting shipped out of our London office today, so we expect them to hit the US site next week.Speaking of which - last call for anyone who wants us to ship from our UK office (our UK site still down so we would just send a direct Paypal invoice).
No code for the markdowns - you may note the additional 20% off is already reflected on the Caruso suits. These are an amazing value.The only code for additional markdown is for all Benjamin clothing with promo code "BEN10" at checkout.
Further markdowns: Lardini jackets from $206 Caruso/MaCo suits from $380 PT01 trousers from $98 Marco Pescarolo trousers from $80 All Ties 20% Off All Pocket Squares 20% Off All Riviera 30% Riviera Pure Cashmere Sweaters from $69 Stile Latino 10% Off Last days of Benjamin 10% Off with code "BEN10"
Yes, for moving forward the plan is as you mention above with the half canvassed jackets being produced in Italy. I will start making more full canvas Benjamin Sartorial jackets from China moving forward - almost ready to introduce made to order as well possibly for both Benjamin Bella Spalla as well as Benjamin Sartorial. Trying to iron things out with that now.
Sorry - no combined discount codes, and once again these new Benjamin Bella Spalla jackets will not be on sale when they arrive on the site next week (10% code expires this Sunday).
Hoping by early to mid next week.
By the way the blue-grey windowpane is Carlo Barbera.
$325. 10% will expire this weekend, and was intended to move current stock and will not be applicable to the new stock.The last windowpane is a dark heather blue-grey with a beige windowpane. It's very handsome.
Sorry I missed answering this sooner... the new model "Nobile" has a slightly softer shoulder and very minor adjustments (sleeves rotated 2 mm back).
New Posts  All Forums: