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Same jacket... hard to tell sometimes in pics
Sorry... hopefully will be able to offer MTO as well as MTM this spring
Someone asked how to wear the Bella Spalla shepherds check jacket... With: Benjamin Sartorial shirt Bella Spalla charcoal flannel trousers Corneliani tie
That is extremely flattering - thank you. I'm not quite sure I'd put the Benjamin Sartorial in the same league as Brioni, but hey if you say so!
Admit it you're just jealous
Many of you guys who liked the green Bella Spalla green jacket are in good company... This guy came in and picked one up here in our Wimbledon Village shop His beard is epic
Sorry that should be 41". I thought I corrected that but apparently did not... will fix shortly.
Check the measurements tab... has all the measurements there.
You're going to want the 39/40R
We will see... They are requiring higher minimums so it depends on demand. For the record which one(s) would you have been interested in?
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