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I think it's guys like you who make average joe's like myself look bad - I need to hit the gym!Hopefully we can cut extra trousers for the fancies we plan on cutting this fall. Will keep you posted.
Ah yes... that would indeed make a difference.
Straight line across the top from seam to seam. 18.25 - 18.5 is on the wider side... in what brands?
I hear the calls for 9cm lapels and will produce some Bella Spalla jackets with the 9 in the next round. By the way do I hear any requests for navy cashmere blazers? And based on the current Bella Spalla fit, we may try made to order - anyone game for that?
By the way Aliotsy nice pic - looks clean!
Not sure if you've noticed, but the Nobile does have 17.5" shoulders as it's actually just like the Naturale (Blue label) which evolved from the Napoli suit model jacket. For natural shoulder jackets (like the Bella Spalla) we've found that often it requires a slightly wider shoulder measurement. Sorry - I know all the different models are starting to get a little confusing!
Again, just a slight taper from the knee down, and a little more room in the waist/hips. I'll check the width for the 29" inseam tomorrow when I get into the office. We can't do jacket only until after we receive the rest of the shipment in few weeks, so if you can hang tight we'd be happy to accommodate the jacket only. What size jacket? Feel free to PM or email me ben@ehaberdasher.com.
Thank you for the high praise and obviously we are glad to hear how pleased you are. Sad to say we are discontinuing the Classico II, but to be honest I believe the Nobile is an improvement. Certainly more coming in the next few months, but for those of you who have ordered please do provide feedback. And for you perfect models please feel free to post pics!
Perhaps give the 36 a try - I have a strong feeling it would fit.
Yes this is true of the navy plaid... sorry. In the future we may try to cut extra trousers to allow trouser switches but we can't accommodate this time around unfortunately.
New Posts  All Forums: