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Sorry that should be 41". I thought I corrected that but apparently did not... will fix shortly.
Check the measurements tab... has all the measurements there.
You're going to want the 39/40R
We will see... They are requiring higher minimums so it depends on demand. For the record which one(s) would you have been interested in?
Should be the same in the jackets. The coats do run just a hair slimmer than the jackets, but generally speaking yes you should stick to your typical size.
Bella Spalla overcoats. Yes they are awesome. Most fabrics from Colombo,except for the rich caramel which is pure Loro Piana cashmere. These are soft shoulder and the lapels are nearly 10cm!
We are probably looking at March/April. If you come to London they're available now though!
Okay trousers have just arrived but not on any site yet. WE got medium grey flannels and charcoal grey as well. Also who wanted the matching navy hopsack trousers? They'll be on the site soon as well...
Thanks for pointing that out - fixed.
New Bella Spalla jackets are now online in the US and UK. Please note for eHaberdasher US orders you must allow up to an additional 14 days before your order is dispatched from NJ as we are making weekly transfers from the UK for the next few weeks. In the US: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/clothing/sport-jackets.html#!/designer=77&dir=asc&home=0&no_cache=true&order=name In the...
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