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Heads up boys... Benjamin Sartorial suits are marked down to $425-$475 as we make way for new production!!/order=position&no_cache=true&p=clear&product_type=131
Now only size 36R and 41/42R left
Thanks. Here's another Benjamin Bella Spalla jacket of which a few more have recently sold.
Just for fun here are a few more pics from instagram. Most items (clothing and accessories) available online or in shop in Wimbledon
A few people have asked how the Benjamin Bella Spalla coats look on a human so I recently took a pic... still cold here in London! This is the wool/silk herringbone in ash/charcoal fro Colombo. 480 grams I believe... love it.
Sorry I don't know how to do that spoiler thing...JacketsCoats
You mean pics of the most recent Bella Spalla jackets and coats?
If you're referring to the most recent Bella Spalla jackets I'm extremely pleased with them - best production of the Bella Spalla yet and happy with the model - just no shorts or longs.If you're referring to the the MTM company, we are getting back the first MTM orders early next month - will see if we can show a few photos of the customers in them.
For MTM we will have off the rack suits to purchase/try as our blocks and then adjustments made from there... probably similar to Kent Wangs process.
Okay boys - my new production for MTM can also do smaller quantities and so I'll soon be offering more shorts (and longs)... waiting for swatches for spring and will show you guys what will be on offer in a few months!
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