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If you're a 35 you probably want to go with a 36, although honestly I have no experience or knowledge of Epaulet. Perhaps others can chime in on fit and comparison to the Benjamin line?
Thanks for the review and glad the suit worked out well for you. Yes definitely for the solids we can almost always accommodate a trouser switch to different size if needed.
It appears the demand is there, so yes. When? I'd like to say by April but again - tough to say for sure and certainly no guarantees.
Thanks for the review and for the kind comments!Above I explained why I decided to try production in Italy (production issues with factory in China), but it turns out it's tough wherever you go and you're small-time. Quality of Benjamin Blue and Sartorial are better than the Bella Spalla line, but honestly I like the overall fit (even if a little short) of the Bella Spalla jacket.Moving forward it's really a crapshoot - I have so many fabrics in the pipeline it's...
Black blazer can be worn with grey jeans, grey wool trousers, or with cream or white trousers in wool, linen or silk. This is indeed a very lightweight wool/cashmere blend - hopefully you can see the weave and get a sense of the airiness of it. It's Colombo fabric and really great. I do love the shoulder. Lapels are pretty big at 9.5 cm - I'll probably dial it back to 8.5 or 9, but I personally like them.
I had to get talked into trying out the contrast stitching - I'm personally not a huge fan but apparently I can't just go with what I like and need to go with what sells... we'll see!
Truth is they messed up my order and I didn't get as many 36S and 38S's as I had actually ordered. Again the headaches of dealing with production in China. We did get the black Bella Spalla though:http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-19125/Benjamin-Bella-Spalla-Sport/Detail
I guess I have some explaining to do.The Bella Spalla line was because as many of you already know we have been having production issues for the past few years, so I sought out an alternative solution in Italy (vs. China where the Sartorial line is made). I met and sat with a few different factories in Napoli and decided to go with this one, and basically went with their house model but tweaked it slightly (gave more room in the back and made the lapel wider). This is...
There is a canvas but they are fused but has an unstructured look and feel as it is extremely light and comfortable (assuming it fits well)
Correction the blue-green is Loro Piana (4th from bottom) along with the brown windowpane.
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