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Sorry it will be some time before we get more trousers in stock - perhaps not until August or September even. We'll keep you posted.
Hey guys, I just launched our Sartorial Home line of menswear inspired cushions for the home. The pillows feature premium fabrics from VBC, Zegna, and other textile mills in Biella. Each piece is individually hand-cut and handmade by tailors here in the UK. This has been something I've been thinking about for years, but only now is it finally coming to fruition. There's nothing quite like them on the market - I've always noticed most throw pillows are either very...
I thought I posted on this but perhaps it was on an earlier/older thread... Anyway Ben here. I've been a member on SF for about 9 years and run eHaberdasher.com. Married 16 years, have 3 great kids, grew up in NJ and also spent 10 years in Boston (college), and recently moved to London. My first job back in '85 was with a high end men's clothing shop in my hometown of Montclair, NJ where I first caught the clothing bug. At eHaberdasher I don't make a killling, but I...
Lapels on the Classico II are 3" straight across. Hope that helps.
No problem.
The measurements of the trousers are accurate, and we measured the trousers at a 30" inseam and the width is about 8.15", so they may be OK for you?Hope that helps.
Yes, indeed the collars are different - the ones on sale are not as wide spread as the shirts not on sale (which are much newer and actually a different model/cut/factory).
I compromised and made the lapels 8.5 cm. Shoulder is going to be a little bit softer than the Classico II - full canvas Sartorial line definitely gives more lapel roll than the blue label half canvassed Benjamins.
Yes, they are indeed going to be the same model as the new Benjamin blue label, but will instead be the Sartorial label (fully canvassed).
Yes, indeed. We hope to have the UK site up in the next week or so, although the promotional offer will only be available for certain length of time which has yet to be determined.
New Posts  All Forums: