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Price Drops on both remaining pairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke I don't think they are Grenson. Nail pattern and lack of dovetail matches Cheaney. Cheaney's aren't made in Ireland. Those are really old and not a common maker.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi cool- thanks - you've restored my faith in humanity (or honest ebay sellers)... Ha. I only trust the claims made by 1% of eBay sellers.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi GVH is usually pretty honest with MSRP's, but these at $1200??? That's the correct MSRP. They are Italian RLPL loafers.
measurements are worthless for sizing.
Here are my ravellos today. I use an AE chestnut cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH It is not going to hurt it by any means, but it does make the finish look dull almost cloudy and it is hard to get a real good shine after creams are used on it. Mine shine, especially after I polish with the cream.
I use cream on my shell all the time. It doesn't hurt anything. If so, please tell me what the negative effects are. BTW: Alden sells a cordovan cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by 111ImNumber1 I have learned a lesson that I never buy any UK stuff from the US. I was in New York City the other day and bought a pair of C&J from Barneys. After a while I found them at for way much cheaper price. If I had bought it from this online store, I would have saved around $170+ There is no place for prices like that with Edward Green shoes. You asked for a place to look at...
There is no difference in construction between the benchgrade and shell cordovan construction of the same models. The only difference that causes the increase in price is the material. Also, to get back your original question, there is no difference in durability, IME, between C&J Benchgrade, Handgrade, and Edward Green. I've found that the most extensive list of currently avaiable Edward Greens is Sky Valet.
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