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I have pair of size 10D Lindricks for sale in the B&S if anyone's interested.
I'm sure they're Lattanzi.Here's a pair I recently sold:
These boots need no introduction. They are made by Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren of brown shell cordovan leather. The pair I have for sale is brand new in the box with the shoe bags. I haven't taken pictures because I'm not sure they are necessary. The boots are size 10D US. My price includes shipping and insurance to the CONUS. International shipping, please PM me for a price. I'm off to bed soon, so I will reply to most PMs in the morning. My rule of thumb is...
Those aren't close, at least not close enough for me to call it Belvest on eBay.I believe you have a Belvest, but based on the two tags here, I'd keep looking.
I didn't even need to see that Zegna tag to tell you that it's ancient. Based on the lapels and button stance, it is very dated. The burberry is more recent.
My opinion was based more on the jeans than the shoes.
The fit is pretty good. I'd have the sleeves shortened. It shouldn't be a problem to have 1/2" taken off with the working buttons. I'd also fix the pants length.
Sorry, but those look ridiculous with jeans.
Not a price error. He's trying to fix the shipping problem I noted.
This seller just listed a bunch of RL shell Cordovan Marlows for $400 BIN (one paid with a few peddles is $350). Something is messed up with his shipping b/c it is showing international rates, but he is in the US. If I didn't have a pair, I'd buy @ $400 and work out the proper shipping later. Based on his other items, the shipping rate is a mistake. Link
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