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Up for sale is a very lightly used pair of Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren wingtip boots. They have almost no wear. They are a US 9D. My price is $225 including shipping to the CONUS. PM me for an international shipping quote.
I agree that the shoes for sale are likely C&J, but no one seems to believe me on Grenson Masterpiece with closed channel soles: Link to Sale Thread
This is partially correct. Grenson does do open channel shoes for Paul Stuart. I know their double soles are not closed. I don't know if they have other models that are open. I think the shoes above are C&J, but I'm not sure without the internal writing.I think that most C&J for BB are on blobby lasts, so I usually avoid them. Except for a few select models, I've never been drawn to any C&J for Brooks Brothers shoes.To the OP's question: Regardless of whether they...
It's a fine shoe at the price. It's a killer bargain? No. Could you resell it on eBay for more? No. But it is a good deal. The quality is similar to any other shoe that retails for $600.
Your favorite store is having a buy 2 get 5 free sale. Rebranded woodlore trees are 2 for $50, making 7 cost $50 with free shipping: Link
Hanover 8.5EEE Black Shell Cordovan Longwings, not labeled as shell: Link
1. I don't see "custom hand tailored" on that. 2. I think that's from their children's line.
Lattanzi labeled shoes:
Handwritten "Made in Italy" is found only on the Lattanzi for JS. Lattanzi's name has never been written on the JS shoes, that I know of. On the waxed suede shoes above (my pictures), JS is not handwritten, but the "Made in Italy" is written inside. Also, below JS label is "Hand Made," but it is difficult to see in that pic. The nail pattern on the heel and the pins at the toe are also a dead giveaway. Finally, all the Lattanzi for JS shoes are hand welted. There is a...
Ever thought of asking BR if they offer alterations? They'll be able to give you the best answer, rather than some speculation on styleforum.
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