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$1200 for seconds is a joke. I would never pay that much.
So, an example of good customer service is how Mr. Porter handled a mistake, but Leffot is providing bad customer service by making an honest mistake. If I were a retailer, I wouldn't want to deal with you. You are wound too tight to be reasonable.
Just as a heads up, here are some unmarked shell cordovan AE shoes that you should NOT buy. I previously purchased them, and the uppers are torn and separated from the interior lining. I was about to file a SNAD claim with eBay if the guy didn't refund my money, but he finally caved. He doesn't show the damage and thought that the words "fair condition" was sufficient to accurately describe the shoes. Funny thing is that he tried quoting the Kelly Bluebook defintion of...
I see a good reason. Those are clearly women's shoes.
Are those EG RLPL shell cordovan boots? Can't be. . . .
Foster uses EGs 88 last, which I prefer. That's why I like my Foster wingtips instead of the EG model.
Up for sale is three pair of Shell Cordovan shoes. The prices include shipping to the CONUS. If you need shipping prices for international or if you have any questions, please PM me. 1) Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren Shell Cordovan Lindrick boots. Brand new in the box with shoe bags. The box is a little beat up. They are brown shell cordovan leather. Goodyear welted with double stacked soles and a storm welt. Size 10D. Price is $700 shipped...
Opps. Typo corrected.
Interesting Lucchese Ostrich Boots: Link The laces need changing.
Up for sale is a very lightly used pair of Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren wingtip boots. They have almost no wear. They are a US 9D. My price is $225 including shipping to the CONUS. PM me for an international shipping quote.
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