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Up for sale is a brand new RLBL navy suit in standard weight wool. It is brand new with tags and is the current model from RL. It is still in the plastic cover from RL, which I would prefer not to remove. Stock photo attached, but I can take actual pics if absolutely necessary. It is solid navy, 100% wool, double vent with notch lapels. Flat front pants with side tab adjusters (no belt loops). Pants have not been hemmed. The suit is size 42S. I am looking to get...
I use fiebings in brown.
Sorry, I was answering the question of who tailors in Canada. I am not familiar with anyone other that Samuelsohn, but I can't confirm that the picture is a Sameulsohn tag.
Samuelsohn and quality is okay.
What's a worse business decision, responding with a price that you'd be willing to take for an item or responding with a condesending lecture about how eBay works? No one said your response has to be your lowest offer.I've been screwed by eBay not upholding their terms of service on baseless SNAD issues to feel sorry for them.
I understand how it works. My point is that nothing good can come from being a jerk. You may make a sale by being courteous and respond to questions. It doesn't make much sense to chose the prior, unless your time really is that valuable.
That seems like a silly response. Why not just tell him your best price (or a little more than your best price)? Your response almost certainly guarantees you lose the sale.I say this because I regularly ask this question on eBay, and 7/10 I end up purchasing the item. As a seller, it also opens up the channels to conclude the transaction outside of eBay, which I would much prefer.He's a jerk because you didn't respond to his question and then rated you poorly on...
Let him cancel and move on. Trying to force the transaction never has good results. Make sure you properly cancel the transaction with ebay, so you don't have to pay fees.
The ones for sale are RL branded. I'm not sure what you are getting at, but they are the same shoe, regardless.
Instead of the AE cordovan cream, which will probably darken them some, I would try Saphir Renovateur. I use it occasionally on my shell cordovan, and it seems to absorb well into and nourish shell cordovan.
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