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I've never seen that tag, but those are two different animals pictured , only one of which produces vicuna. Therefore, I'd tend to go with the phrase "100% cashmere" and say its 100% cashmere.
Email Alden the model number inside the shoe, and they will tell you the last.
It's single vent, and the liner don't look like any RLBL I've ever seen. The lapels are much wider than any RLBL I've seen. The pants have belt loops, which isn't conclusive because I do own a RLBL with belt loops, but it is not very common.
I'm pretty sure this is a fake RLBL suit, which is something I've never seen before:
I think you have 1 and 2 backwards.
Incredible pictures.
I'm an 8.5 in the Barrie, and I take an 8.5 in the Marlow wingtip. However, some people would be up 1/2 size and wear a 9.
That's a real caruso.
Sold out of the 10s.
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