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That's nice. I sold a pair of Alden LHS in the coveted mahogany, but I had forgotten that it was available in a pebble grain.
I didn't realize the location. Disregard my above comment.
Horween makes grained cordovan. I've never seen it in any color other than #8. It would be incredible if you could get them to make a cigar or ravello cordovan grained boot. I'd buy a pair.
It was a joke.
Creasing is highly unusual and a the sign of a defective shoe.
What kind of suit? If it's cheaper and fused, then you probably dissolve the glue between the fabric and inner structure. If so, then it's ruined.
When I go to my feedback, I now see a " Report a buyer" button. It's for reporting policy violations. Has anyone used that before? These are the possible reasons for a report: Buyer made unreasonable demands Buyer abused a buyer protection program Buyer misused returns Other problems
Last chance before I send this back.
Those aren't Edward Green.
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