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Not as bad as I assumed. My first assumption was that it was someone intending to flip an item. If so, I disagree with asking it to be removed.I'm more on the fence about asking to remove a link for an item for personal use. If I am watching an item for myself and the listing is likely to fly under the radar, I don't post it here. However, if it is posted, I chalk it up to bad luck.
Hmm. I'm not sure that's in the spirit of this thread.
Wow. Great deal. Those should run large.
They should be Tom Ford. I hate these threads.
Yeah. I have them listed on eBay. The price through SF is better than what I'll accept through eBay.
I've tried to get shoes with UV mismatch issues back to normal. I have a fair amount of experience with dyeing shoes, and outside of completely dyeing them a new color, it doesn't work.
I don't see anything wrong with the heels. The discoloration is caused by one of the shoes being a display and exposed to more UV lights than the other. the discoloration is a pain to correct. They should provide you a refund.
Sorry for the sideways pictures. Photobucket is not cooperating. It is rotated correctly in my account, but not here.
Thought I'd post a picture of these unique boots:
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