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Because I sent the two pair at the same time, and they returned both with moderate to severe issues.You seem to be overly defensive of EG, as if they don't make mistakes. EG made it right, but it was delayed and a hassle. The should not have left the factory in the condition I received them. I saved a picture. See anything wrong with this?Don't get me wrong, I own quite a few pair of EGs, and I like them. But, they are not on the pedestal that you are placing them on.
Second to none? I've had some serious issues with their recraft on two occasions. Granted, they fixed the problem, but it shouldn't have left the factory in the condition it did.To my knowledge, EG never made BBBF shoes.
Not as bad as I assumed. My first assumption was that it was someone intending to flip an item. If so, I disagree with asking it to be removed.I'm more on the fence about asking to remove a link for an item for personal use. If I am watching an item for myself and the listing is likely to fly under the radar, I don't post it here. However, if it is posted, I chalk it up to bad luck.
Hmm. I'm not sure that's in the spirit of this thread.
Wow. Great deal. Those should run large.
They should be Tom Ford. I hate these threads.
Yeah. I have them listed on eBay. The price through SF is better than what I'll accept through eBay.
I've tried to get shoes with UV mismatch issues back to normal. I have a fair amount of experience with dyeing shoes, and outside of completely dyeing them a new color, it doesn't work.
I don't see anything wrong with the heels. The discoloration is caused by one of the shoes being a display and exposed to more UV lights than the other. the discoloration is a pain to correct. They should provide you a refund.
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