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Just cancel it and eBay will refund your FVF, so there's no need to take his money. Send a Second chance offer. If you feel like it, take his money as payment for him being a pain. It may be hard to get his paypal address. eBay blocks email addresses in messages now, so you need to spell it out:email at gmail dot com.
Anyone heard of a 55 last from Edward Green? Link I'm 90% sure that those are EG, but they have been resoled. So, I can't tell with certainty. Regardless, they aren't an attractive model, so they aren't worth too much.
Shoes are sold. Thanks, SF.
Typo. 12 3/4". Thanks
You obviously don't get it. Mail to a US military base or to Alaska doesn't clear customs. The purpose of customs is to impose taxes and enforce import restrictions. Neither apply to shipping to US territories.They don't' want to deal with the headache, currently. Move on and quit whining. Find someone to proxy for you.
It'd be nice if you combine your items, since they're all similar.
Up for sale is a pair of Zegna Limited Edition Double Monk Straps. They are size 10, but these fit large. They should fit around an 11 to 11.5 US. I will take returns because I can't tell you exactly how they fit. I'd ask that you cover shipping, and the refund excludes my initial shipping expense. PM me for additional details, if needed. These are from Zegna's high-end limited edition line, and they retail for around $2500. I believe that the pair for sale is...
picture fail.
This occurred within the last 2 to 2.5 years. I don't know when the restructuring occurred. Did they restructure someone's eyes where they couldn't see this?
I never asked how. I just asked that they be fixed. I was most upset that they left the factory that way. They took care of the international shipping and fixed them to my satisfaction, but it was a fix that should have never been necessary.
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