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Is this from Target?
Those are Alfred Sargent.
My mind has gone blank. I believe they are either Loake of Cheaney. It is whoever makes Cole Hann's english shoes.
They are Jubilees, the most exclusive Loakes around.
They are definitely worth £60. They will easily sell for £250 on eBay.
I remember them having Aldens on sale, but no particular time. You would get a better answer by asking them.
Your inability to move on and accept the fact that they can choose whether they want to deal with international shipping makes you sound like a petulant child.
I wouldn't wear that.
Stuff happens. Did he take care of the problem?
I usually make up a white lie as to why I can't accommodate their ridiculous requests. That way you don't come across as a jerk. You're out of town or the pants are already boxed. "Please refer to the measurements."
New Posts  All Forums: