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I don't have a problem with his pricing strategy. It's baffling, but he can ask whatever he wants. However, he does egregiously misstate the manufacturer often. He seems to default to Edward Green, when a pair of shoes is made by a maker on the level of Alfred Sargent. Also, he doesn't respond to messages, regardless of whether its an inquiry to purchase or a note about the correct manufacturer. At those prices, you should get better service than ignoring people.
I've had a few dealings with the seller shoes of distinction. He's bought a few pair of shoes from me for prices that I thought were more than the shoes were worth (based on my extensive eBay experience). He then doubled the price, but they are still unsold 2 months later.
Up for sale is a pair of Alfred Sargent for Dunhill Suede Chukkas. They are made under the Poulsen Skone name. They are brand new in the box with the shoe bags. They are goodyear welted with closed channel soles. No flaws. They are marked size 11.5/12 D. They should be a 12D US. Price is $275 shipped in the CONUS. PM me for an international shipping quote.
Glad you held out because these just got listed, and they are much nicer: Link
Up for sale is 3 pair of Shell Cordovan Alden for Brooks Brothers. They are marked to prevent retail returns. They are not marked factory rejects by Alden. They come in the box, but the boxes are not in the best condition. I believe these were factory displays because most show signs of handling or creases in the shell, nothing outrageous. The price is $350 shipped per pair to the CONUS. Message me if you are outside of the CONUS for a shipping price. 1) SIze 9D #8...
I believe that's right. Now he replied and said he is going to double check the written size.
He said, "This is a US marking, size 9. It will run a little full." He confirmed that they are marked '9' inside the shoe.
These are nice. $550 BIN in size 9: Link
with multiple holes in it.
That's probably a good thing. That model is pretty ugly, IMHO.BTW: 40R Polo Ralph Lauren 100% Cashmere long coat. NWT, $425 BIN: Link
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