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Thanks. Are you asking about the medallion? If so, here's the best shot I could get of it. It's EG's heel medallion that they sometimes use. Because it's suede, it's a lot hard to photograph than if the shoe were calfskin.
Did you include that in the listing?
I tend to agree with the buyer. People throw around the term "new without tags" way too much. If you don't personally know if it's new, then it's not new. As for the refund, I would rather her accept the package and you refund her return shipping expense. Relying on international postage to return a package, without new postage, is a gamble. You may completely lose the package, so the additional expense of return shipping is a small price to pay.
Try this link:|||||||||||||||
Charles Tyrwhitt is having one of their annual (or semi-annual) sales on dress shirts. These are not my go-to shirts, but I usually purchase a selection of their non-iron shirts for the mornings in which I'm running late. There's a large selection at $30/each, and their extra-slim shirts are relatively slim. Link
Sorry, I didn't realize that she responded and then later stopped responding once you asked for a partial refund. I missed that part. I change my vote to neutral or negative.
I guess I disagree because you have know idea why she failed to respond to the messages. If she responded and told him to "F off," I'd get it. Or, if you noticed she listed new items on eBay without responding, you can say she ignored his message. However, without any of those, I would not leave feedback or maybe leave neutral.
Whoah. I understand negative feedback for a lie, but that damage is inside the sleeve lining. A lie implies that she knew of the damage. The damage where the sleeve lining meets the internal coat lining should have been noticed, but it is easy to understand that she could have overlooked it. The tears all the way down the sleeve lining could be overlooked by most sellers.It's up to you to determine whether their lack of response to your claim warrants negative...
So this guy doesn't really understand how to eBay: For the 44-48R/L, there are a lot of hidden gems. He has everything listed as "mens sport coat" or "mens suit." There are a handful of nice items:, mainline zegna, gian luca isaia, italian faconnable (cantarelli), etc. Pictures are shit and there are no measurements, but at the prices listed, it's...
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