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The problem with finding long-sleeved ones is that unless your arms are fairly short, a shirt with long-enough sleeves will fit blousy in the torso. With the short-sleeved versions, you can at least size down until you get a slimmer fit in the chest and waist. Furthermore, it seems that a lot of the standard brands for these (e.g. Wrangler and Levi's) cut their shirts short and boxy. Designer/premium brand western shirts may fit slimmer, but the only ones you'll find...
I think fit may be the key difference between "old-man" chinos and the more fashion-forward variety. If they're high-rise, loose in the seat and thigh but tapering down to the ankle, that will definitely project an older, stodgier image. But chinos that are either slim and straight, slim and tapered, or loose all the way down can definitely look youthful. I've yet to see a true bootcut chino (not including jean-cut cotton pants). In regard to the 5EP's, based on the...
Most tailors should be able to take in the chest, waist, and/or shoulders of the shirt for you.
I have one from Zegna with MOP buttons, but I don't know if all their polos have them. I used to have a Jeff Rose polo that had them as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart dress shoes with half a break, straightleg or slight taper dress shoes with more break, bootcut That's a great way to go about deciding. Do you think that loafers vs. laceups makes a difference too? I don't do the dress shoes and jeans combo much, but I'm inclined to think that loafers would look better with the vamp partially obscured by a bootcut.
I picked mine up thrifting, actually, so they were broken in by someone else. That might be the issue, though I don't know if they wore socks or not (in truth, not such a pleasant thing to think about). They're comfortable enough for lounging like you say, but I tend to do a lot walking, and that's where the real pain comes in. Of course, walking any length of distance could be called a misuse of the can't walk very far on a boat, can you?
I have that same shirt, but in solid pink rather than white-on-blue stripes. Sadly, it is not nearly as fitted on me - it's definitely pinned in the picture.
Waist suppression? It looks more like mid-torso suppression to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock I would look into lace-up deck shoes if I were you. You could get some whites, reds, black-and-white check, or whatever else and ad some color to your outfit for cheap. Styleforum might look down on deck shoes, but I think they can be a good look with jeans + teeshirt. The topic of boat shoes has come up in the past, with most of the posters having a favorable opinion of them. They cited the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I have a pair of RRLs, and I like them a lot. I had no idea there was ever an RRL model that came in white. Where did you find them, and what is the fit like?
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